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‘I am so grateful to my dad’ – ALIMOT SADIAT

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How do you feel graduating?

I give Thanks to God, and then to my parent, especially my dad. He has also been there for me every time I need him. He cuddles me, advises me, and encourages me when I am down. He also gears me up and also creates time for me despite his busy schedule.

malaika 2What is the next step now?

Being a graduate is just the start of a new phase of life entirely. Life is all about a growth process, we move from one stage to another. This is just the beginning for me, and by the special grace of God, I will be pursuing my masters degree and my PhD.

I graduated from the department of Insurance, faculty of Business Administration.

How did your dad’s personality pressure you among your peers in school?

It has not hindered me to get what I want to get. My dad has always warned me not to brag and always preach to me to be humble and friendly, which I heeded to. And really worked for me. Many of my friends don’t really know how influential my dad is. I really enjoyed that modesty.

Have you thought to pursue his line as an entertainer?

I like entertainment, but it is just that my dream in life is not going to that direction at all. For now I want to still further my education and work in a reputable company. Then, later set up a venture for myself.

Sule-Alao-Adekunle-MalaikaHow social were you when you’re in school?

I was not social, I only sometimes accompanies my friend to departmental programmes as a result of me being the only one left in the hostel, I don’t like partying but only attend family gigs or a friends’ birthdays occasionally.


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