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“I am still relevant in the comedy industry,” AJIBADE cries

ENCOMIUM Weekly recently ran into popular comedian, Ajibade Oyemade well known as Ajibade. The happily married father of two spoke exclusively with ENCOMIUM Weekly about his programme on radio, denying the rumour that he is not doing well as a comedian and much more.

So, what has been happening to Ajibade?
I have been busy doing a lot. I have organised two comedy shows this year, Comedy Cruise with Ajibade Oyemade. It’s an evening of comedy and dance, and this October marks Comedy Cruise on UNILAG FM, 6th anniversary.
So, when is the Comedy Cruise anniversary taking place?
We just decided to invite popular comedians on UNILAG FM every Saturday 9pm – 10pm to just make our listeners feel the programme more, and we have also decided to give out some special gifts to our listeners during the programme.
Mention some of the comedians?
We allow the listeners to tell us the comedian they would like to listen to, like the first Saturday was Akpororo, because majority of our callers said we should invite him.
Aside that, what do you do?
I also support lots of upcoming comedians, then I am working on Comedy Cruise on TV soon.
So, would you say it’s been smooth all the way?
Not at all, but we still thank God. As a comedian and MC we hope to get more jobs daily. Now Comedy Cruise runs on UNILAG 103.1FM, National Open University Radio station (Noun FM 105.9) and NTA 2 Channel 5.
So, it pays to be a comedian and MC in Nigeria?
It pays to be an MC and comedian in Nigeria but the truth is that I would advice comedians to be doing other things aside comedy.
So, what do you do aside comedy?
I do TV presentations, I also consult for people. I am also a motivational speaker, I help young people also.
What makes a good comedian?
Good delivery and creativity, one has to be up to date and very spontaneous.
So, in this hard times we are facing in the country, why should people part with their hard earned money just to watch a comedy show?
Laughter, they say, is the best medicine and also laughter brings two hearts together. The truth is that Lagosians don’t have time to relax with laughter. They go to the office as early as 6am and get home as late as 9pm, no time to relax and laugh. They need to spend a little cash, and get a lot of comedy every weekend.
A lot of people insinuate that you are not doing well as a comedian anymore, what do you have to say about that?
Who are the people saying such? Is it because I don’t attend events that I am not invited? Does that mean I am not doing well? And moreover, my family is important to me. I don’t do late night events except vigil? I have a lot of things I am doing. Because people are not seeing me often does not mean I am not doing well. I am a happily married man.
Tell us about your family?
My first son is four while my daughter is a year old. My wife has already been my source of success, we are always happy. I keep telling people, marry your friend.
Back to your career, your colleagues rarely call you for shows, why?
I don’t know o!
Does it mean you don’t have a good relationship with them?
I don’t think so. They know what they want for their shows.
So, let’s talk about ambassadors, do you think being a brand ambassador makes one a successful celebrity?
Not really, because the ambassador thing is just for a while, when the contract expire what next? But to an extent its the fame of the artist that will sell their product or brand.
So, you don’t look forward to having any contract?
If I am offered, I would definitely accept the it.

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