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I am super fit now, says Ifeanyi Dike

Waking up every day hale and hearty is indeed a gift from God. Ifeanyi Dike is grateful for this after surviving a kidney related ailment that almost claimed his life. He is indeed one of the lucky few.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him about his state of health now, AGN crisis and much more…


How will you describe your state of health now?

I am okay, I am super. God is in control. The most important thing is obeying rules.

Do you take any special diet or exercise now?

Yes, I am on a special diet. I don’t eat anything too salty. I avoid cholesterol. I try as much as possible to stay away from dusty environment. I wash my hands every moment. I don’t take alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t party. I don’t go for all night event. I have a lot of do’s and don’t’s but, I am used to them. The things that affect us in what we eat. I read a lot on healthy behaviours and try to stick to them. I don’t eat anything starchy, I eat unripe plantain ,I don’t take banana, I eat chicken but I don’t eat the skin, I don’t eat the skin of any animal. I eat vegetables. We were advised to be creative in the way we make our food, so, my wife has a special way of making them. I don’t take palm oil, I don’t take nuts. That is it.

Do you still go for routine checkups?

I normally go for check-ups. Like the last time I went, the doctors were amazed. Everything was working well for me, I thank God for it. I am really working hard, I keep my mind off the stress and thought of sickness, I stick to what doctors say. Once you are sick, if you want to overcome the sickness, make sure you are busy. Your thinking must be 50 percent positive, don’t allow the sickness to defeat you psychologically.

Don’t live in pity, saying why me, don’t listen to what people say, some don’t have anything positive to say. My wife has been all by me, apart from God, it is her. She made sure I don’t listen to a lot of things. The only time a man or woman can know he or she is married is when the person is sick.

Do you still assist those with the same health related challenge seek medical assistance?

I don’t do that anymore. I was able to help some people though. No matter the type of help you give, some people will think you are making money from it. I advise them, tell them where to check and that is all.

What is your advice to actors, most especially on their lifestyles and health?

Lifestyle is a very important aspect. You don’t have to smoke or drink to be a good actor. You don’t have to take a lot of pain killers or sleeping pills.

Nigerian actors don’t have time to rest or take care of themselves. It is usually from one location to another. They don’t check what they eat or drink, they live a carefree life.

Popularity makes some actors ashamed to come out when they are sick. They should live their lives, if you don’t have a car, don’t kill yourself. Live your life. Actors should do other things to survive. There are a lot of things that can give them money, some have good voices, they can sing. I know an actor who also has an engineering workshop too. They shouldn’t live above their means. Some struggle to appear on the red carpet, don’t emulate people who have made it, live your own life.

I will also advise the younger ones to respect the elders. If you are making waves now, it does not mean they didn’t make waves years back. It is only a matter of time before you will also become old and be in their shoes. They should not embarrass the insurance scheme put in place by Ibinabo. I am sure none of them has called her since that court case began. It is only when they are sick that they will remember her.

What is happening to AGN?

AGN is still there. There has been a lot of crises. There is an appeal on the court case now. We are waiting for the ruling from the Court of Appeal. The reason it look as if AGN is not working is because, Diamond Bank is holding AGN’s account. There is no board of trustee, if anybody goes to court and says that he is fighting the board of trustees, the person is deceiving himself. The board of trustees will be elected after the court ruling.

A lot can be done but actors are arrogant. Before the court case, Ibinabo carried everybody along. Some people were jealous, they thought it was easy to carry people along like that. Ibinabo has put a lot of good platforms on ground. Everybody should know that irrespective of the person that emerges the president, the person needs our support to succeed. We want anybody that has a court case to withdraw it. We will call a stakeholdesr conference, everybody will sit on a round table and discuss the way forward. We want everybody to be carried along. For those who have been in the industry and have not acted for long, we will organise seminars for them to brush up. I know that many people will not turn up but, we will do our best. And there will be stringent measures before people can become members of the association.

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