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‘I am working on a N20 billion project in 2014’ -BISHOP TOM SAMSON

BISHOP Tom Samson is the General Overseer of Christ Royal Family International Church.  On Saturday, December 15, 2013, he dedicated his N7 billion Royal City at Iyesi Ota, Ogun State.  In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he expressed his joy and revealed to us his plan to embark on a N20 billion project in 2014.

Congratulations on the dedication of your N7 billion Royal City, how do you feel?

It gave me a sense of fulfillment. It also gave me an encouragement to do more.  If we can achieve this in seven years, then the Lord who has brought us this far will see us through.  Thus, I am so encouraged and empowered to do more.

Would you say you are fulfilled with the dedication?

I have a sense of gratitude.  When I consider the level of achievements, I feel fulfilled.  We are talking about over 200 bedroom chalets, a stadium, sport centre, eateries, hostel facilities, hospitals, water factory, printing press, schools and so many other structures.  We have over 10 streets and about half of the land is yet to be developed.  We didn’t borrow a kobo nor owe anybody.  Even a dead man will feel elated and fulfilled that he turned a forest to a city.  I am full of gratitude to God.

What has that taught you?

The lesson I learnt was that success is worthy to be celebrated.  If people don’t know you now nor celebrate you, all you need to do is keep at it. When you excel, people will come around to celebrate you.  Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.  Success is sweet.  The number of dignitaries was an encouragement that no matter how small your beginning was, you can be great.  With the grace of God and hard work, anything is possible.

What’s next?

We still have the university project.  We are using Royal City as campus.  We have over 1,000 acres at Ewekoro yet to be developed. We also have a stadium project which will sit over 100,000 people.  Also, we have other projects scattered all over the country.  We have properties in Abule Egba and Ojokoro in Lagos.  I am developing schools, hospitals and auditoriums there.  I have also at Ikorodu.  Also, I have at Port Harcourt where I am giving them schools and hospitals.  The projects earmarked for 2014 are enormous. Having seen what God has done so far, I am so encouraged that God will see me through.  By God’s grace, the Monarch University would be completed.

These are capital intensive projects, how much do you envisage on they will gulp?

I am talking about projects of over N20 billion.  Do you think that is much?  No!  Where there is a vision and a willing heart, provision is always available.  Just in December, we affected lives and communities.  We gave transformers, boreholes, scholarships.

How do you intend accomplishing them?

The first thing is to have a mindset that it can be accomplished.  Second, I tell people that when you want to embark on a huge project, don’t look at your resources.  Things of faith are different from the way corporate world go about things.  The popular adage is cut your coat according to your cloth but faith says cut your coat according to God’s provision.  Thus, you look at the magnitude of God’s provision.  When I started Royal City, I had nothing.  When I started the cathedral at Ikeja, I had nothing but I built it within five months.  If I had told God that I can’t accomplish the Royal City, someone else would have done it.  Thus, I always encourage people to trust in God’s ability before embarking on any project.  However, you must pay the price of self-sacrifice.  If some people are exposed to my kind of resources, they would have diverted it for personal pleasure.  But when you fulfill God’s plan, He will fulfill your own.  There is nothing I need that God will not give me because I have done His own.  The secret is when you have a heart for God, He will send men to accomplish your own.

What’s your predictions for 2014?

2014 is a year of fulfillment.  God told us in His ministry that it’s a year of unprecedented wonders for his children.  It will marvel people.  For those who have been trusting God for answers, 2014 is a year of answered prayers. It’s a year God will bring some people out of obscurity to limelight and those in limelight will fizzle out. I see God showing people that He is not a weak God. It’s a year of divine judgement! However, if God says He will judge a person and he repents, then he will thwart his plans. Nigeria has a future but I see judgement hanging over this country.  The evil doers will not go scot free in 2014.  It is a year where those who use the name of God to perpetrate evil will be judged.

What informed the 30-day fasting and prayers your church is embarking on in January?

Yes, the Lord told us He will do wonders but we have a role to play too for their fulfillment. The Bible says these can only be done through fasting and prayers.  Thus, fulfillment of prophecies takes prayer and fasting.  It’s not magical.  Aside that, the four Fridays in January have been declared for vigil.  I also use the vigil to empower people financially.  The reason is that I carry grace for wealth.  I want to empower them so as to provoke them to prosperity.  2014, we have our first programme tagged, ‘It is War.’  I will put on my camouflage and declare war on poverty and failure.  The event will hold at Royal City, Iyesi Ota, Ogun State.  We are using our stadium. I am waging war against satanic devices plaguing individuals and the nation. I am inviting everybody so that God can fulfill their plans.  We also have another one in February. It’s mainly for men.


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