‘I believe in what they are doing’ -ONI KEHINDE,  CEO,  Dreams Record

What brought about the idea of doing music business?

I have always had passion for music business and I believe music is something that makes people happy Dreams Record has been in existence for the past five years. When we started, I was working on an artiste, though he wasn’t officially signed. We worked for years before I decided to give another a trial. When I started some years back, I wasn’t really stable in the business. But now, Dreams Record is ready to take over the Nigerian music scene. That is why we have decided to sign Hypa because of their sound.

Tell us your experience so far in the last five years running Dreams Record?

I have had so many experiences as regards meeting different kinds of people both in the industry and outside the industry. It’s been a wonderful experience. Timing is one of my challenges so far. That’s having an appointment at a particular time and the person ends up showing up late.

Most label owners clash with their artistes when money starts coming in. how do you intend to handle this?

A whole lot of record label owners are doing music just to make money. But I have passion for building my artiste and making them a brand. So, money is not going to be a problem at Dreams Record.

What did you see in Hypa before signing them?

Their kind of music is different. I so much believe in what they are doing. Before signing artistes, I observe their look, loyalty and sound. Hypa has been able to beat all of that. We have a four year deal with Hypa and I know they will become better artistes before the deal runs out.



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