‘I believe the key to longevity is re-inventing, consistency and setting new trends’ – Terry Tha Rapman

TALENTED rapper, Terry Madaki, otherwise known as Terry Tha Rapman, has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. In this interview, the Boys Are Not Smiling crooner, told ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, August 10, 2012, what inspired his change in style, music and brand.  He also cleared the air on his alleged public kissing of a female fan.


What is Terry Tha Rapman up to now?

Terry Tha Rapman is back with a new look, music and brand to the rap game.  I believe the key to longevity is re-inventing, consistency and setting new trends.

Can you tell us more about the new look, music and brand?

First, everybody that knows me will accept the fact that I’ve always been on the causal hip-hop tip.  But I have decided to upgrade it to a more couture look, more mature but simple look.  Not necessarily suit and tie affair, but to be more fashion conscious.  My new stylist, Lusso is responsible for that.  The brand is more of the young Nigerian businessman with ambition and prospects. Remember, boys are still not smiling but this time, he’s looking at being the top gun and taking it to the next level.

What about the style of the song, especially what we hear in your new single, I like your style.  Are you trying to cross over from being a rapper to a regular singer?

I won’t say I’m crossing over per se.  my fans know I’m flexible and I move with time, which is what has kept me in the game this long.  Music now is more dance-oriented, so I had to blend.  The difference is just that I’m interested in the ladies now since I’ve been doing more songs for my male fans.

How has the ladies accepted the new style and kind of music?

This song is just a week old and the response from ladies and DJs is massive.  It was like they’d been waiting for me to do this.  Surprisingly, my male fans love it too.  As an artist, I take my fans very seriously, watch out for trends and what’s next.  I have noticed my female fans had increased tremendously and supported my bans movement fully.  So, it was just the right time to salute them with their own anthem. For me, it’s a way of saying, I feel their style, their beauty and personality.

We learnt that you publicly kissed a female fan.  Is it part of rebranding your love for your female fans?

My female fans were asking me on Facebook and Twitter, if I was married or I had proposed to a lady? I didn’t understand until when I saw the picture of a guy, kissing his girlfriend after proposing to her at Swe Bar, which they mistook to be me because of the uncanny resemblance. I’ve kept telling people it wasn’t me ever since, but once people make up their mind to believe something, it’s very difficult to change.

But can you do such publicly to a fan or your girlfriend?

I am a private person and I can’t be caught doing that in public.

Even to your babe?

Yeah, I can.

What more should your fans be expecting from you?

We dropped a mix tape two months ago which is like the build up for the forthcoming album.  The new album, though we are yet to agree on a title, is on the Boyz Are Not Smiling theme.  But expect growth, maturity and Tha Rapman’s steady rise to the top story.  It is meant to inspire the struggling Nigerian and common man that, with God on his side, success is sure.


*This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on August 14, 2012

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