I can act nude for a billion pounds, says CHELSEA EDOGUN

Chelsea Edogun is an up and coming act fans should watch in 2014. She is set to express her talent in the make believe world.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her on how her journey into Nollywood started.

Can we meet you?

CHELSEA EDOGUNMy name is Chelsea Edogun. I am from Edo state, Benin City, to be precise. I am from a family of six – all girls. I am the first child.

How was growing up?

My growing wasn’t so easy because I grew with my mum alone until I was 14. My dad travelled abroad when I was 5 and came back to Nigeria after nine years. I love my mom so much because she never gave up on me throughout those nine years. She gave me all the best. She is the best mom in the world.

How did your journey into acting start?

I started acting in 2006 when I got admission into the university, though my acting then was only part-time. I started professional acting in 2012. I have always had passion for acting since I was a little girl. But my parents were against it. They wanted me to be a laboratory scientist. So, I had no choice but to do what they wanted. However, I started acting while I was in the university, though it was a secret, because my parents didn’t know about it. I did this secretly for some years. After my education, I came back professionally in 2012. No one introduced me into acting. I just knew I had the talent and I decided to show it to the world.

How did you start getting roles, did you attend auditions?

Yes, I attended auditions, a lot of auditions. And it helped me a lot. I learnt so much from those auditions and those things I learnt kept me going till date.

CHELSEA EDOGUNHow did you get your first movie role?

My first movie role in 2006 was five scenes in a movie directed by Murphy Stephens. Though it was five scenes, it meant so much to me at that time.

Tell us some of the movies you have acted in?

I have acted in over 15 movies. But just a few are out. Some of my movies are Body Odour 1&2, Before Christmas 1&2, After Christmas 1&2, and many more will soon be out. I am working on a glamour movie right now, Blooms Berry Hotel produced by Lawrence Lurenzo Onuzulike. I am playing the role of Bella in the movie. Bella is a girl that is envious of her friend, she pretends to be a friend but she is actually the enemy. I like the role because it is unique.

Have you ever been harassed sexually in Nollywood?

No, I haven’t been harassed sexually but that doesn’t mean no man in Nollywood has approached me. I feel it is a normal thing. In fact, I like it when men approach me. It makes me feel that I am still a woman.

What do you wish could be changed in Nollywood?

I wish the concept should be changed because 99 percent of Nollywood movies have the same concept. I think we should work on bringing out new concepts different from the usual Nollywood concept.

Can you act nude?

I think I can act nude for one billion pounds. Of course, anyone would go crazy for that amount.

What else do you do apart from acting?

I am into business. I import shoes and clothes, strictly ladies.


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