‘I can go to any length to support Foluke’ – Kayode Salako

+ How we started Change Revolution

As it’s rightly said, behind every successful woman, there must be a man and vice versa.  What efforts are you also putting in place for the success of Sunday, May 24, 2015 event?

Thank you, my brother.  No doubt, the project is ours because the movie she is launching is our collective investment.  I am the executive producer of Cobwebs, and I am proud to be associated with the project.  Yes, movie production is my wife’s passion.  It’s what she has lived for and that’s where she earns her living.  My wife is a very creative human being to identify with because I am also a creative person.  I am naturally an art inclined person.  And the very support I can always give to my wife is to allow her live her passion.  Acting, producing and directing movies have been my wife’s passion of over 20 years, I met her doing it and I have no choice other than to support her because that’s what she believes in.  And morally, physically, spiritually and even financially where the need be, I have been supporting her, I have always been there for her.  We both produced Cobwebs together.  I actually asked her to do an English movie for the first time.  I actually want her fans around the world to know that her talent is not limited to Yoruba movie genre.  I actually wanted her to prove to the whole world that she went to school and that she’s also vast when it comes to doing anything in English.  So, the support has been optimal and rewarding because from the stable of Foibir Entertainment Productions, my wife is coming out with one of the best Nigerian English movies, a cinema standard and high class movie.  A movie that has cost us about N15 million to produce.  The only assurance I want to give to her fans and Nigerian viewing audience is that Cobwebs is a movie they will watch and always want to watch again and again.  They will even want to buy and keep for others that have not been privileged to buy it.  It’s a movie that every Nigerian will love to identify with because production wise, I will say we have tried our best and we know our best is good for Nigerian viewers.

Since July 2014, when the movie was premiered, what have been the comments from the public about it?

My fear about Cobwebs has always been when it comes out, how will people see it?  How will people accept it?  What kind of criticisms will it generate?  Will it be the kind of criticism that will run the commercial value of the movie down or the kind of criticism that could always encourage us to go into movie and production of movies.  But to my surprise, after the first official unveiling of the work at the Silverbird Galleria, Ikeja, Lagos, the comments averagely that came out from almost everybody that saw the film was that it’s a good job.  It was rated one of the best that has happened to Nigerian movie industry.  We got a lot of beautiful comments after the movie premiere.  But so far, it was only one person who didn’t see anything good about the movie out of about 100 people that passed comments.  I know that person might probably be a sadist or an enemy of progress because the comments got about the movie so far have always served as an encourage-ment to go into more and more production.

Does it mean your participation in Cobwebs has given you a kind of courage to do more?

Like I have always said, I have never wanted to be a commercial actor.  My wife actually encouraged me to take part in the movie.  She discovered that naturally, I have this tendency to be funny.  She saw that natural comedy attribute in me because I always make her laugh.  I try as much as possible to always put happiness on her face.  So, she saw that aspect in me and felt I could handle one or two roles in the movie.  It took her almost two weeks before she convinced me.  I actually told her that I would like to remain behind the camera. At a point, I felt I was bigger than doing such a thing but she made me to realize I was wrong.  She said a lot of big people in Nigeria also find it as a kind of pastime vocation.  And that there was nothing wrong in being an occasional actor, especially in any project of her own.  So, I gave in to her persuasion and today I have become one of the actors in Nollywood, but not a commercial one. I don’t think I pray for that because where I have my eyes and passion is more in serving in any good government. I want to serve the Nigerian people where credibility can be of help.  I will always be happy to be one of the people that are always ready to bring about an ideal change in the governance and leadership of this country.  Accepting to feature in Foluke’s movie was one of the things to prove to her that I love her, and that I can go to any length to do anything for her.

You came up with change revolution about four or five years ago, and since then it has been a popular slogan in Nigerian politics today.  How do you feel about that?

I feel very happy that I am part of that revolution that has brought about that change some of us have been advocating for since 2011.  I want to say it unequivocally that I am the person that started the change revolutionary movement in Nigeria on February 3, 2011 precisely.  That’s when I decided to relax on Fasholamania project after Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola had won for the second term so that we could start another project that will have national appeal.  And it’s that project, Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN) that actually brought Foluke Daramola and I, Kayode Salako together for the first time because it was on that platform she received an invitation from me to work with me as the national publicity secretary of that movement.  So, since 2011, our slogan in CANN has been ‘Fellow Nigerians, mind your character.  Let’s change Nigeria.’  And that has always been my passion and I live it convincingly.  And spiritually too I have been convinced that President Goodluck Jonathan would not continue beyond 2015.  In 2012, my wife, Foluke declared she had a dream that Buhari is going to take over from President Jonathan.  And anything that Foluke sees in her dream has always come to pass.  So, the two of us have been convinced that Buhari will be the next president of this country and that’s why we’re unrepentantly involved in the change revolutionary movement that has today brought in the president-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd).  And I am happy to say it today that I started the change revolutionary movement in Nigeria on the platform of CANN.

So, I am one of the most fulfilled Nigerians that what I and my people in CANN have been advocating for has started, and it’s going to officially take effect from May 29, 2015 when governance without conscience will be handing over to governance with integrity, discipline, prudence and prevalence of rule of law.



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