‘I can only act nude in Hollywood movies’-Sylvia Udeogu

Sylvia Udeogu is 2006 Economics graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She is a fashion trend setter, who has modelled for award-winning fashion designers aside her rewarding acting experience.

Sylvia’s bubbly extroverted nature creates lasting impression in the minds of the people meeting her for the first time. Her skill in make-up artistry always earns her commendation.

During an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the beautiful actress opened up on her interest in Hollywood and her makeup brand…

What has been happening to you?

Nothing much, but I thank God for where He has brought me thus far.

Apart from the last movie you featured, Darkside, what other movie have you featured or produced recently?

Other movies are still cooking! Will let you know once they are out.

How did you get into the entertainment industry?

I got into the industry in 2008, when I was the Lux ambassador and featured in the hit Super Story series, Everything It Takes.

How have you been enjoying the industry?

It has been great with so many fun loving memories and experiences.

What are the challenges you have encountered in the industry?

I have not really experienced much challenges because I always have it at the back of my mind that God can’t give me what I can’t handle.

What would you count as the pains and gains?

I have gained a lot of publicity but lost privacy.

Which movie would you say gave you the big break and why?

The family television soap, Super Story Series by Wale Adenuga Productions. And the movie, DarkSide by Bayo Alawiye.

You were once into modelling, how was the experience?

It was super fun for me because I enjoyed going for auditions/casting and stand out programmes. Modelling is just a profession that I have passion for.

Did you quit modelling or you are still into it?

Didn’t quit modeling, I am very much still in the modeling industry but just felt it’s time to pay attention to my other talent and utilize it in the industry!

How did you come about Prettifiers?

I have had the dream of transforming people right from when I was a kid, the name Prettifiers was generated from the word Prettify. Besides, over the years, I have always felt every woman is beautifully created but needs a bit of makeup to enhance her look and that has been my slogan.

What gave you the inspiration?

I’d say God because the world is full of art. My parents knew I was going to grow up being an artist. when I was a kid, I used permanent  ink marker to paint my lips and nails. I believed that someday I will grow up to transform people and that’s what I’m doing today.

Do you see yourself setting up your own make-up brand and why?

Oh, yes. Most makeup artists just want to be artists for the name but I want to take it to another level. I want to walk into a make-up store and see my brand displayed for everyone not just to see but to buy. The impact on‎ every woman is a dream and I pray it becomes a reality.

What happened to the Soul Sisters Show?

Nothing happened to Soul Sisters Show. At that point in time, we felt it’s time to try something else. But guess nature has better plans for us!

Do the Soul Sisters still keep in touch?

Yes, we very much keep in touch with each other. Even with our tight schedules, we still find time to hang out and catch up just like sisters do.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is everything to me. It has almost nothing to do with good taste, it’s a force that is beyond any practical consideration! Fashion helps to show who we really are and our personality‎.

If you were to be paid handsomely for a nude role, would you take it and why?

If it’s a Hollywood movie, I won’t think twice before accepting the role. But if you are trying to tag a Nollywood nude role under professionalism, the ‎society,will frown at it. As a good actress, you should put in your all and accept every role as a professional

Who is the lucky man?

That’s the privacy I talked about.

When do you intend getting married?

Soon, by God’s grace.


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