‘I can’t act nude irrespective of the amount’ – Yinka Adewale


+Speaks on her debut movie, Voiceless Scream

Ex-beauty queen (Sisi Eko 2011) and Nollywood actress, Yinka Adewale has on Sunday, September 4, 2016, premiered her first movie Voiceless Scream which was well attended. The event, held at Four Points By Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos, attracted dignitaries from different spheres of life.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the pretty actress cum model on the issue, including her love life.


How and when did your journey into acting begin?

It started far back in 2010 when I started modeling with a couple of people. At first, I didn’t play a major role, it was just an extra. But as the time goes on, things started improving.

So, how has the experience been?

Good I would say. The journey has not been smooth though, I give glory to God.

What challenges have you encountered before coming this far?

First, challenges you face as an upcoming artiste is that you really don’t get to be in all the places you ought to be because people do not know you and when they call you for jobs, you do not get major roles probably because they don’t know you or you are not coming from the director of the movie or you haven’t made the name yet.

Your movie, Voiceless Scream is multilingual, why is it so?

It’s just about diversification. It’s not about speaking English. We want it to be like everyday life. In my home, we do not speak English alone every day. Sometimes, we speak Yoruba because we’re Yoruba. It’s like that too in every other family.

Can you tell us more about the film?

It’s basically about child abuse. It talks about HIV, homosexuality and other social vices.

What really informed the title?

Actually, I got a writer for the flick. So, she came up with the title, not me. The writer is Titilope Ogundipe and it’s directed by Dotun Taylor. When she gave me the title, I just felt it suits the content of the film because a lot of people are out there screaming voicelessly.

They’re going through one or two things in their homes that they can’t tell you. They only keep such things to themselves alone.

How do you feel about the turn out for today’s event?

I feel very great. it’s beyond my expectation. I am really glad seeing everybody around me today. I am equally glad about the positive comments by those that saw the movie today.

How much effort are you still putting in place to create more awareness for the movie?

I am planning to premiere Voiceless Scream in some other parts of the country and take it to cinemas as well.

1-yinka-3-1What challenges did you face bringing the cast together?

Actually, it wasn’t just one person’s decision or idea because the director, Dotun Taylor and writer, Titilope Oludipe and myself were all involved in selecting the cast. So, it was a collective decision. Although, at a point we tried reaching some people, they were already booked.

How much did the movie cost?

It’s about N20 million project and we’re still spending more as the project is still ongoing. That’s why we need sponsorship from well meaning Nigerians.

How do you juggle academics and career?

I must be honest, it has not been easy because sometimes I have to miss lectures. I am not only into modeling and acting, I do some other things I can just to make money. I do everything legitimate. I do construction, interior designs and I have an ushering agency.

When you started acting, were you parents in support?

Initially, no because I would have started acting a long time ago but they were against it. They said it’s not a profession. But now, they have no choice than to be with me.

What really inspired you to be an actress?

I have always loved acting when I was a child. I have always loved watching films. So, that has been my inspiration.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to a couple of people, including Tunde Kelani, Kunle Afolayan and Mo’Abudu.

You’re also a model. Between modeling and acting which are you more passionate about?

I won’t judge that. I will leave it to the people out there to do that. But I will say I love acting more.

Can you go nude or semi nude for a film if you’re paid heavily and handsomely?

I will never do that because of my moral values.

Tell us about your love life?

I am presently not in a relationship and I am not searching.

What’s your take on the alleged sex for role in the industry?

I actually do not believe in that because I have heard that a lot and wouldn’t say I haven’t had my own confrontation. But I do not believe in that. I believe in my hard work. So, that’s why I am doing my own thing. And through that, God will place me where I want to be in life.

Lest we forget, you’re an ex-beauty queen, Sisi Eko. How did it all start?

It all started as a model. And modeling actually started towards the end of 2009. Along the line, acting also started. I met someone who really liked me. She admired everything about me. She therefore put me through. That’s how I continued modeling till date.

That informed my participation in different beauty competition, including Sisi Eko 2011 which I eventually won. But at that point, I had to slow down a little because of my education.

Tell us a little of your background?

I am a student of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, Akoko, Yaba. Presently, I am in my final year. I am from a family of six, the third of four children but I am from Ekiti.


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