‘I didn’t create Shoki, but mine stands out’ – Orezi

There are different versions of Shoki dance, one of the biggest songs of 2014. One of it was Orezi’s own version, produced by Popito. The song has achieved great success, little wonder Orezi (real names, Esegine Allen) released the French version of the hit song in September 2014.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, October 3, 2014, the Delta born song-writer, who’s currently working on his debut album, admitted he’s not the creator of the monstrous Shoki dance, but he popularized it. 

Orezi (2)What inspired the Shoki song?

I got back from South-Africa where I shot the visual for my You Garrit single, and I went to the Afrika Shrine to have fun. While I was there, I saw some people doing some dance steps and I asked them, “What kind of dance is this?”

They said, “Bro. it’s a new dance step, and it’s called Shoki.” Two days later, I got to the studio with a producer called Popito, who had sent me a beat. So, when I got to know about the dance, I started listening to the beat and the inspiration came. I said to my guy, Popito, “Let’s work.” And that was how I made the song.

(Cuts-in) Does Shoki have a particular meaning?

I don’t know. I have no idea, I am not even sure it has meaning. “All I just know be say dem say the dance na Shoki.” and I just do the song Shoki.

However, the dance was already there, They said it was from Agege or somewhere, I just made, very good lyrics for the dance. No be say na me create am. The dance don dey.

I wanted to ask that question. Between yours and Lil Kesh’s version, which came first?

I think it was about the same day, it was like an hour difference because I checked the internet. I guess Lil Kesh own was first.

And today, we have about three versions…

(Cuts-in) There are more than three versions of Shoki. I think, five or more. It’s in vogue, everybody wants to sing and dance Shoki. There are so many artistes out there who have sang Shoki and people don’t know them, but the advantage we have is because we are already in the spotlight, they already know our names.

As long as they trend the song, trend the dance, everybody wants to be part of it.

What stands yours out?

What stands mine out is because I’m Orezi. I have a way of making my music sound different from any other artistes; no matter how good you are. If you check my song from Rihanna, to You Garrit and every song have dropped, its always different and unique, and it’s because it’s Orezi.

What’s next after Shoki?

I’m working on my debut album. It will probably be out in November, this year.

Can you give us insight about the album?

So many songs, fantastic and great songs, but I don’t want to mention names, let me keep everybody anticipating. Very soon, I’ll release the track-list but it’s a masterpiece. I’ve been working on it for four years. So, trust me, its a masterpiece.

When exactly did you start music professionally?

Professionally, since 2009.

Why did it take you four years to be on the spotlight?

OreziActually, I thought I would have been bigger than this, but you know, how it is. This industry is tough, but God’s time is the best. I just keep moving and God takes care of the rest. Where I am at present, I Thank God because I know a lot of people who been in the game before me and they are not where I am today. It’s not how far but how well. I thank God for mine.

What has this taught you?

It taught me to persevere. “You no fit live with another person clock”. So, I’m living with my own clock, I just do my best, pray to God and hope for the best. I’m always an optimist.

Can you describe the different between Orezi on and off stage?

Orezi off stage is just a normal guy. I like to chill with my friends. If I’m not working, I like to watch television, I’m an addict. Beside that I just chill, I drink, I party when I need to. And the Orezi on stage is just me trying to entertain my fans.

Your disposition to female fans?

Female fans will always be there, before I became an artiste, I had female fans. I be fine boy nah. (laughs)….girls like me a lot from university days, it’s normal. There is not much difference, it’s just that this time around, you have your female fans and you have girls that like you. Interestingly, girls that like you are willing to do anything just to get closer to you. They follow everything you do, particularly on social media.

What was the craziest thing a female fans has done to you?

So many, but there was a particular one that comes to memory. I was on stage at Afe Babalola University performing. I didn’t know how it happened, I just saw some female fans, beautiful ladies, all around me, pulled out my belt, my trousers, and the next thing was that they almost removed my underwear.

I was scared because they were dragging me and at the same time, it was fun. But nothing happened.


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