‘I didn’t embezzle FUMAN’s funds’ – Saka Orobo cries

 THE tenure of Alhaji Sakariyau Ayinde Odunsi, better known as Saka Orobo as the president of Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), ended on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, when the association elected a new leader, Alhaji Morufu Ayinde, a.k.a Shadow, who will be taking over from the Awori, Lagos born entertainer any moment from now.

Alhaji Orobo gave account of his stewardship in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, March 20, 2014, in Ikeja, Lagos.  He also spoke on other issues.

You’re the president of Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN) for six years, what step did you take during your tenure to move the association forward?

I thank Almighty Allah.  Since I became FUMAN president six years ago, I can tell you authoritatively that everything concerning the association has changed for the better.  The association has more relevance in the entertainment industry.  Also, all fuji musicians are doing well.  We have recorded a lot of success.  And my joy basically is that FUMAN has become more popular than ever.  There is no place in the Yoruba speaking states and even beyond that people don’t know FUMAN now.  Formerly, I mean before I was sworn in as the president, FUMAN was only in six states.  But now it has spread to about 14.  That alone is a great achievement.

Also, during my tenure, there was progress and unity among fuji musicians.  For instance, the feud between late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and General Kollington Ayinla was settled when I became the president.  The unity of the association was very paramount in my agenda which I ensured it was achieved before the completion of my two terms.  I thank God for that success.

What other achievement can your tenure boast of?

A lot. I can’t finish mentioning them on the pages of newspapers or magazines.  Anybody who has been following the happenings in the association will give us kudos.

What were the challenges in the running of the association since you became the president till date?

The only challenge we faced was that of rancor among the fuji artistes, using abusive songs against one another, fighting here and there and all that.  But Alhamdullilah, everything has become history now.

But there is this crisis between Saidi Osupa and Mosebolatan which eventually led to the ban of the former, what is FUMAN doing to address the issue?

I am not aware of that.  We’ve not been duly informed.  Anybody that’s banned needs to inform the association officially.  It’s after then that we will know the step we can take.

Does it mean Saidi Osupa, who is affected, has not informed the association?

Yes, he has not done that.

What is the legacy you are leaving behind?

Yes, we have done a lot.  We’re leaving behind unity and cooperation among fuji artistes.  I am proud of that.

But the tale is that Saidi Osupa and Pasuma are yet to bury the hatchets, yet you said you have achieved unity and cooperation in FUMAN…

(Cuts in) We have settled everything. No one is abusing or fighting the other again, not even Saidi and Pasuma.  It’s just a rumour. There is no fight within the members of FUMAN again.

We learnt the association has elected a new president, who will be taking over from you…

(Cuts in) Yes, the person is Morufu Ayinde, a.k.a Shadow.  He is from Mushin, Lagos.

Where and when was the election held?

That was on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at Alesh Hotel, Ajah, Lagos. It was very successful.  We will soon do the swearing in ceremony for the new executive members of the association.

We believe the association will still be consulting you on some issues, are you ready to continue to lend your support for the successful running of the association by your successor?

Yes, I am still a member of FUMAN.  I pledge to continue to support the association in all ramifications. What’s important is to move the association forward.  Each time they call, I am ready to answer them.

What has being FUMAN president changed in your life and career?

A lot.  I give God all the glory.  Being the president of the association, I became more popular and more accepted by the public.  It really earned me a lot of respect within and outside the music industry.  My career improved.

But you only released one or two albums…

No, I released three albums and they all did well.

Now that you have left the mantle of leadership, would that avail you the opportunity to concentrate on your career fully?

Yes, by the special grace of God.

There is this tale that you embezzled FUMAN’s funds, what’s your reaction to this?

(Laughs) Does FUMAN have any money that I can embezzle?  Instead, it’s FUMAN that owes me.  I am leaving a clean record.  FUMAN wasn’t known before, I popularized and ensured peace reigned.  I believe it’s just hearsay.


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