‘I don’t acknowledge challenges’ – CHIEF (MRS.) GINIKA TOR

Chief (Mrs.) Ginika Tor is the Chief Executive Officer of Accolade Media Company and publisher, Accolade International Magazine, a lifestyle magazine doing well ‎​​​in the publishing industry. She had a short chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on how the journey into publishing started, and sundry issues….


How did ‎your  journey into publishing start?

As a child, I had flair for media, especially TV, and I once started in the now rested soap opera, The Cross Roads on Muri International TV but due to pressures of starting a family , I sacrificed my ambition of becoming a renowned actress and chose to build my marriage. Nevertheless, my husband is an encouraging one. Though he never liked me acting, he didn’t stop me from delving into other ventures that will make me a fulfilled woman and that is why today I own a magazine of high standard. Aside having a flair, I always look for a medium where I can impact lives positively, electronic and print media are the best to reach out. So, when the opportunity came for me to kick-start, I started with the print media which we all know is challenging but with perseverance, we were able to stand the test of time and today , we are fully ready to go on air with Accolade Lifestyle.

What about your magazine, Exclusive Accolade international Magazine, how did it start?

The publishing of EAIM kick-started in Makurdi, Benue State with a print of 40 pages of events, interviews and articles , but we realized that we had more patronage in Abuja. So, we decided to unveil EAIM in an impressive Yellow Ball dinner which played host to very high profile personalities with over 12 Nollywood Stars in attendance. Today, we are in our 19th edition with a print of 156 pages. EAIM is designed for feature events, articles, interviews, adverts and it’s purely image making.

What challenges did you face when starting up the magazine?

I don’t acknowledge challenges because I see them as a motivating ground but for those who intend to come on board as publishers, the challenges that must be expected in this business are numerous but you can always overcome them. The starting point will always be rough but after a while, you will begin to make it especially when the contacts you make during the course of publishing begin to pay off with other rewarding deals. Most people love publicity but do not like to pay for it.

Apart from magazine and TV, what else do you do?

Even when you have businesses that yield huge income from time to time, you will survive better when you have other income avenues where cash flow in, it may be little but constant. That made me add a laundry and dry cleaning services business (ACCOWASH), we also do photography and video coverage for all class of people.

What would you say stands you out from everyone else?

My attitude, the way I carry myself with humility and my mode of dressing which is native but posh and decent.

What is ‎ your view about baring it all in a movie if the pay is really huge?

Acting only reflects a character that is not yours and as a good actress, you must give in your best. But I do not think we have advanced to producing nude movies in Nigeria; so there’s no need to bare it all. When it comes to acting the role of a prostitute and you know that they are always half naked, you have no choice, you will have to be half naked to be able to reflect the act of a prostitute.

You see yourself venturing into politics one day?

Far from it. My husband is already contesting for Benue State House of Assembly, I will rather support him to get there to serve his people and take them to the next level. So, I am not personally delving into politics, I am satisfied with my media venture and that makes me a fulfilled woman. I will not allow politics distract me. I will stand right beside my husband to serve his people and that is it,

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your education background?

My name is Chief (Mrs.) Ginika Tor, the CEO, Accolade Media Company and publisher, Accolade International Magazine. I had both my primary and secondary school education in Lagos State at Oke-Ira Primary and Grammar Schools but when we relocated to Enugu, I completed my O’level at Owerri Girls Secondary School in Awgu Local Government. Due to cash constraints, I was unable to further my education even though I got admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University. It was not until I got married and after my second son that I proceeded to further my education at the University of Jos, where I studied Law.


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