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‘I don’t allow stardom to get into my head’ -Mike Ezuruonye

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FAIR skinned actor, Mike Ezuruonye, has been in and out of the country doing one thing or the other to improve his acting career.  The good looking Nollywood actor recently returned from Ghana and chatted with ENCOMIUM Weekly on his career, life and sundry issues.


How will you describe your career as an actor?

I am doing very fine, my career is growing. I am happy with it, it will never stop growing and I thank God for everything.

Mike Euzuronye

Mike Euzuronye

What is the latest about you?

Right now, I am doing a lot of collaboration with a lot of people from different parts of the world. I am doing something with some great people and I am also recording in Ghana.  I recently came back from Ghana but something big is coming from me.

Tell us about what you are recording and the collaboration?

It’s a great project and it has to do with my career.  Something big is coming from me.

How do you cope with stardom?

You manage it well, I understand how to mix with people, I understand people’s psychology. I just know how to draw the line, I don’t allow stardom affect who I am, I don’t allow it get into my head. I know who I am and where I am coming from.  My banking and marketing background helps me in mixing with people and to understand their psychology.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I portray the hidden part of reality that a lot of people have not seen through my works, my arts and its like I am a preacher.  So, I get very fulfilled sending messages to the public.

What do you detest about being an actor?

My privacy is lost.  The moment you become a star, you lost your privacy.

What is your relationship with Bisi Ibidapo-Obe?

She is a colleague, she is one of the first person’s that I knew in the industry.  She is a friend and one person that I admire as a woman in the industry. I admire her production skills like that of Funke Akindele, she opens doors for women who say, ‘Yes, I can.”

How did you come about speaking Yoruba?

I was born in Lagos, a lot of people think I was born in Enugu. Most of my friends are Yoruba and I can speak the language fluently.

Would you ever accept a Yoruba script?

Of course, why not? If the right script comes, I will definitely accept it.

You are always looking good, is it part of the packaging that acting has done for you?

(Laughs) This is just me.  Image is everything, you are always seen as a brand and you have to represent Nollywood in a positive light as a Nollywood actor or actress.

Tell us about the movie you are working on.

I don’t want to let it out for now but very soon, I will be doing my own thing and its going to be great. I am on African trip at the moment, we are taking our arts, our creativity to different countries, it has to do with people from other nations.  So, it’s a big thing that is going to move from Nigeria to West Africa, Europe, America and so on.

We heard that a lot of international celebrities want to do things with Nigerians, have you been able to get in touch with any of them?

Yes, I like the element of surprise even with my works.  Trust me, at the moment, few of us have been able to do things with one or two of them.  A lot of them are working with people from Nollywood, we are going abroad studying, we are going to film schools and we are doing a lot of things with international celebrities, just watch out.

There has been cases of kidnaps in Nigeria and Nollywood, recently Nkem Owoh was the victim, don’t you get disturbed?

This is the second time it is happening to Nollywood, it is not something one is happy about. It’s sad, these are actors who put smiles on people’s faces.  You can’t imagine the number of people he makes happy and have driven away hypertension from.  You can’t imagine how many problems he must have solved and he was kidnapped, it’s very wrong even though the country is bad, it’s not worth it.  We make people happy and we need our own happiness too.  Being happy is having our privacy and being able to work freely in our country.  It’s sad to hear that Nigerian actors and actresses are now victims of kidnappers.  Does it mean that we have to work in Nigeria then live abroad and be comfortable outside the country. It is not a plus at all, we need to work and live in our country comfortably without fear.

What security measures are you taking to avert such?

Do you want me to let that out?

You seem to be a lover of fashion, which are the fashion items you cannot do without?

I can’t do without my shoes and wrist watch.

Who is your favourite designer?

(Laughs) I wear anything and everything.  The most important thing is to look good. If it is made in Nigeria and it will make me look good, trust me, I will wear it like it is made in Italy.  I encourage Nigerian and foreign made.

How do you manage the fame that Globacom has brought to you?

I am just me, never under pressure and never proud, but one thing is that I am proud of Globacom because it is the first company from corporate Nigeria to give celebrities a proper handshake.  So, Globacom has done it, other multinationals now are calling few of us.  This is the first time it is happening and I will always respect Globacom for that.

How would you describe yourself?

Very confident, I am very humble.  I don’t fear but respect people, I love my neighbour.

In the industry, who inspires you?

Few people, most especially one person I can never ever ignore and that is Uncle Olu Jacobs.  Working with him has always been a great experience, he is a confident person, a father, he gives me confidence and I respect him a lot.  He encourages me a lot.

Of recent, we’ve seen a lot of movie stars in the music industry, do we see you doing the same thing?

No, nobody should expect to see me in the music industry.  But for those who do it, I wish them good luck.

How will you describe your ideal lady?

God fearing, someone who respects people, someone who has a good dress sense, someone who has values for humanity, value for womanhood, someone who has good public relations. I can’t deal with a boring person and someone who sets high targets for herself.

What is the ultimate for you?

I know I will get there as the perfect brand for Nollywood wherever my career takes me.  A lot of people want to go to Hollywood, yes, we all want to go to Hollywood but conquer Africa and Hollywood will come. If you are a big name in Nigeria, Hollywood will come.  If you have that behind you, you know you are heading towards the right direction.

You mean you are not there yet?

I leave that for people to say. If I am there, thank you very much but for me, every new script is like I am starting a new job.  Like I am a learner and that’s why I put my best into whatever I do. If you see me in a movie, I try as much as possible to make it natural.

What’s your plan for marriage?

(Laughs) Trust me, when that happens, you will get to know.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am in a relationship.

Can you disclose the identity of the lady?

No, when the time comes you will get to know her.

When is the wedding coming up?

You will get to know when it is time.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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