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‘I don’t allow swags and fame get to into my head’-ZAKKI AZZAY

Veteran Hausa hiphop artiste, Zakki Azzay has come out with a new album. He recently pampered himself with a G-wagon and also completed his estate in Markurdi.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, torch light carrier music artiste, Zakki spoke about his new album and his love life.


Tell us about your new album?

It is an album that is overdue because a lot of people have been complaining. I started hip-hop in Nigeria with a Hausa theme but fortunately, it appears that hip-hop has taken over in a massive way. Aside that, it is unfortunate that the Northerners are not picking it up the way I thought they would. Looking at the Yoruba artistes, we have the likes of Olamide, the Igbo we have Ill Bliss and Phyno and looking at the North, there is nobody except myself. But I honestly think if there were a lot of artistes from the North who are doing things the way I expect them to, I would have focused on other businesses.

Tell us about your love life?

I really do not understand that question or what you mean by that (laughs). All I can say is, everybody knows me and they know my wife. We are happily married and live together with our three children.

How do you cope with being a father and a music artiste?

For me, it is all about being yourself. I do not allow styles, swags and fame get to me because I try as much as possible to be myself. I always tell people, nothing will ever make me feel like a celeb.

What is your take on extra-marital affairs?

The truth is, if you are ‘acting in love’ that would be possible but if you are ‘truly in love’, it is difficult to cheat. Being in love, you can’t even see any other woman because whatever move you are trying to make, you will end up seeing your wife/partner in all of it. And that is what real love is all about. As far as I am concerned, it is not possible for anybody to be in love and cheat at the same time.

Would you say you are in-love?

Why would you marry if you are not in love? I wonder if people get married for the sake of companionship or for making babies. But for me, I do not believe anyone should get married if he/she is not in love. So, I can say, I got married because I am in love.

What kind of relationship do you share with your children?

I am a very friendly father. In fact, my children do not tell me ‘welcome daddy’. As soon as I get home, my children start shouting ‘yo daddy, yo daddy’ and I start dancing for them.

You recently bought a G-Wagon, why G-wagon?

I have always been in love with G-Wagon and I have been praying to God that I should be able to afford one before I die. I was able to afford one, a 2013 model. I was actually building an estate on a street that is named after me somewhere in Makurdi. I have eventually finished building it and moved into one of the flats recently. I am not relocating to Makurdi, I built the estate for commercial purposes. In fact, I am building another one in Lekki, Lagos where the street is also named after me, Zaki Azzay Close.

What is the greatest thing a female fan has ever done to you?

That was when a female fan in Kaduna hugged and squeezed me very tight till it became painful for minutes. That was embarrassing for me.

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