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‘I don’t miss Chocolate City’ -Jesse Jagz


FOREMOST producer cum rapper, Jesse Jagz speaks on his exit from his former record label, Chocolate City and how it affects his relationship with M.I, his brother when he had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on September 25, 2013.


What has been happening between Jesse Jagz and Chocolate City?

It’s not like what has been said in the media. It’s just that I needed to move on.  Before I joined Chocolate City, I had a music career.

How has it been not working with M.I?

It has been the same, it’s not like M.I and I are done.  We are still brothers. Before we got signed on Chocolate City, we’ve been doing music.  The relationship is still the same.

What have you missed not working with Chocolate City anymore?

I wouldn’t say I’ve missed anything because it’s still the same.  Still working with the same things, just pushing my career.  I mean, we are all in Lagos.

Has it been lucrative running your Jagz Nation compared with working with Chocolate City?

Definitely, because I’ve never been a flamboyant person.  I’m solely responsible for myself concerning every decision I make.  That’s just the difference.

How many artistes do you have on the Jagz Nation label?

Jagz Nation is not actually a label, it’s just like a platform for people to identify me with my own kind of music. It’s an outfit to make my fans feel closer.  Not that I want to start signing artistes, just me and my music.

Any plans about coming up with your own label?

Probably in the future, not anytime now.  I still have a lot to work on first.

Now have you been able to mix music production and your career, you being a producer and an artiste?

That’s one of the reasons I would like to focus on myself.  To me, you being a producer and an artiste are not really different but people like to divide the two.  Sometimes, when I’m producing, I’m writing and when I’m writing, I’m producing.  For me, they are one and the same.

What else do you do?

Just music, producing and writing.  More performances and keeping in touch with my fans.

So, who is the lady rocking Jesse Jagz world?

I’m actually in a relationship but I don’t talk about it.  I like to keep my private life private.

What about marriage?

Not anytime soon.


There are lots to consider when you talk about marriage.  Sometimes, it’s better to give it maturity. I don’t want to rush into marriage because it’s something serious.


This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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