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‘I don’t regret my prophecies on Funke Akindele, Baba Suwe, TB Joshua’ – Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu

Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu

+ Releases 2017 prophecies

On Saturday, January 7, 2017, ENCOMIUM Weekly visited Prophet Olagunroye Faleyimu of Mountain of Miracles and Blessings, Badagry, Lagos, in his Papa Ashafa, Lagos residence, where he granted us an exclusive interview on his 2017 prophecies. He also shed light on his previous prophecies on star actress Funke Akindele (Jenifa), Baba Suwe and Prophet TB Joshua on Synagogue Church of All Nations and others…


You have prophesied a lot concerning Nigeria, and many eminent personalities. What’re predictions for this year, especially about Nigeria?

In 2017, God has revealed to me that President Buhari can’t perform any miracle to revamp the economy. The prices of some commodities will still go up while some will be low in price. There won’t be enough money in circulation. God has revealed to me several times that Buhari is not the Messiah that will turn around the fortunes of Nigeria. He only made him president to punish some corrupt politicians and some others who have wronged this nation. Moreover, I have said before that his government is not for the poor. And any poor man that wants to enjoy during his administration should go farming. Buhari can’t go beyond what God has sent him to do. God has said that he’s not the Messiah and nothing can be done by him until the right man comes.

You said something about Prophet T. B. Joshua of Synagogue Church of all Nations a couple of years ago.

(Cuts in) Yes, that was the first time I predicted it that he should be very prayerful so as not to die at 51. But you can also recall that it was shortly after he turned 51 that his church guest house collapsed killing many people. He said it publicly that he was the target but he thanked God.  God has also sent me to him to be very prayerful so that he won’t lose one of his children because God said his time is near to finish his assignment on earth. So, God said he should pray very well so that one of his children won’t die before he completes his work on earth.

Also, we should pray for all the former heads of state so that we will not lose four of them this year. Our entertainers should pray very hard against death. I foresee the industry losing about 20 people before the end of this year.

A lot of prophets have predicted that things are going to be tough as well this year, but has God revealed to you anything about the future of Nigeria?

I have always said that, the future of Nigeria is bright. At the end of the tunnel, there’s going to be light, but not in Buhari’s time as our president. I said it more than 20 years ago that God revealed to me that there won’t be peace and stability in Nigeria until 2025. And the cause of the problems in Nigeria is that the world black powers have declared Nigeria as one of their countries where all the evil spirits converge to torment their governments and the people of those countries. That’s why you see all forms of cultists evolving from nowhere, Boko Haram today, Niger Delta Avengers tomorrow and more. That’s why God has said that it’s when that Messiah comes in 2025 that there will be an end to all these. It’s not Buhari that will conquer them, he can only try his best. God has revealed to me that almost all the pastors and prophets and even Nigerians as a whole are all in darkness. That’s why we’re experiencing hard time. But it’s this time that Nigerians will know a lot of fake prophets and there will be a prophet that God has anointed that sees everything. As we all know, a lot of prophets have predicted, most of their predictions didn’t come to pass. They all failed. Now, many prophets have started prophesying about 2017, saying everything will be alright for the country. God has said that Buhari’s government will be a test that will reveal all the fake pastors and prophets before the anointed prophet will be revealed by God Himself. When the prophet is revealed, the whole world will know. But I still repeat it, a lot of fake prophets will be revealed and shamed because a lot of their prophecies about Buhari and his administration will end as fake.

God said the prophet will come from Owo, Ondo state and is going to be one of the princes. It’s Owo people that God used spiritually to fight for democracy in Nigeria, not MKO Abiola as some claimed. And that’s the reason He’s going to bring out the Messiah from the place. God has revealed to me since 1992 that until that anointed prophet of God takes over the government of this country, anybody that sits on that chair after former military head of state, Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (rtd), the country can’t know peace until after the prophet comes.

So, the prophet is equally going to be the president of this country then?

Yes, he will also double as president. And God said immediately he takes over, there will be peace and economic stability and any country that does not relate with Nigeria then won’t know peace. And Nigeria is going to be very great. All the problems of this country will be a thing of the past. Then, God also told me that whoever wants to rule Nigeria should first change the flag, because the flag itself is a kind of agony on its own, and if it’s not changed, there’s nothing that person can achieve.

You also said in 2014 that famous actor, Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) won’t get his N25 million from National Drug Law Enforcement Agency if he’s not very prayerful because witches have sat on the money. What’s going to be his situation now as revealed to you by God?

It’s time, I said it that witches were behind his case and that he may not get the money unless he prays very well. They’re still on it unless he prays very well to loosen the bondage. His case will even be worse that he may develop hypertension that is likely to result in death. They won’t allow him have any progress in his career; they make him to remain on the same spot. But if he prays very hard and makes myself close to God, his star will begin to rise again.

Recently, social media was agog with your prophecy over star actress Funke Akindele which you said if she’s not very prayerful, she may not have a child and this has attracted a lot of condemnation within and outside the entertainment industry. What do you have t say about this?

Yes, it’s God that revealed to me that she’s destined to be famous and wealthy but no child. But if she’s very prayerful, she will eventually break the yoke of barrenness and become a mother. And that same message has also been repeated. Even, if she doesn’t seek the face of God, her enemies don’t want her to have a stable home despite the fact that she has remarried. That means the marriage can still crash unless she’s prayerful. God has also repeated it this year, that for her to have a child, she needs to be closer to God. People are now attacking me here and there that why did I say that? Some said I should have written a letter to her or invited her privately instead of making it public. But I am not a kind of prophet that predicts because of money. I am an anointed prophet. My calling is to deliver message as sent by God. But some people don’t know the difference between prophets and anointed ones. It’s in the Bible and Qur’an how the prophets of God operate. They’re not prophets of nowadays that only came to collect money from the government, high and mighty in the society and others. As a prophet, deliver God’s message and move on. You don’t need to be on anybody’s neck. I read in one of these Yoruba magazines that Funke Akindele is waging spiritual war against me because of the prophecy; nothing can happen to … God didn’t send me. I don’t regret on what I said. All she needs is to pray very well, I have nothing against her. I am 40 years as a prophet. That means I have been predicting since 40 years ago and I have never regretted any of my prophecies. I am used to all these criticisms about my prophecies. Even, at times, some would curse me but at the end of it all, all I said will come to pass. When I revealed what God told me about TB Joshua, some people commented that I wanted to collect money from him, but I think everybody saw it when he escaped death in 2014. Some were saying TB Joshua was supposed to have seen it before it happened. I am a farmer and I am contended. But my calling is to deliver God’s message to His people and I shouldn’t be afraid of anybody irrespective of his or her position. In 2009, when God sent me to theatre practitioners that 25 of them would die, unless they pray, they called me fraudster, claiming I wanted to use the prophecy to extort them. But when it happened most of them said they would sue me. They called me fake prophet, but the death didn’t stop until they were 25. Some said before election in 2015 that Buhari can never rule Nigeria again but Buhari is ruling now which I had earlier predicted.

But people’s argument is that when you see all these calamities coming, you should have prayed to avert them instead of waiting till they happen. What’s your reaction to this?

Yes, they’re right. We also do that. For instance, when I saw that of TB Joshua, I prayed for him. But the reason God asked me to stop doing that was that when we see things like that and reveal them, some of those close to the affected people will start cursing us. So, since then, I had limited myself to  only delivering the message as instructed by God.

On Buhari, some have predicted he won’t complete his eight years, that he will die on the seat, but you had earlier predicted he would spend his eight years in power. What’s your comment n this?

Buhari, God had revealed to me he would complete his eight years He would still win in 2019. He won’t die on the seat. In 1992, God told me Obasanjo would go to jail and he would come back as president. But then, I predicted that he should pray so that his wife won’t die before the end of his tenure. The same thing for Buhari, he should pray also so that his wife won’t die while in power. Even, the Messiah I told you about, he should also be prayerful so as not to lose his wife while in power. As for Buhari, nothing can stop him from winning 2019 presidential election. He would win in all the northern states and still win in some states in the south generally.

On a final note, God told me to warn Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to resign from politics so that he can witness 2019 general elections. God said He wants to appoint another leader for the Yoruba race very soon.

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