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‘I give a part of my soul every time I act’ -BLOSSOM CHUKWUJEKWU

Since his breakout role in 2013 romantic flick, Flower Girl, Blossom Chukwujekwu has continued to blossom as an actor, adding feathers to his cap along the way.

The role interpreter considered by many as Nollywood’s newest quintessential and bankable leading man, recently clinched the award for the Best Supporting Actor at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) for his sterling role in the Emem Isong-produced Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

The Benin, Edo-born thespian on November 4, 1983, holds a BSc. in Mass Communication from the Benson Idahosa University (BIU). He has featured in several blockbuster films including The Visit (2014), Forgetting June (2014), Valour (2014), Commandment 7 (2014); Cobra (2014) and The Green Eyed (2014). He has featured in a number of TV dramas and series, including the MNET-produced Tinsel; MTVBase’s HIV-themed Shuga, Catwalq; My Mum And I; About To Wed; Married and Taste Of Love, where he plays a leading role.

The multiple-award winning Nollywood hunk, in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, shared how and when he started, what inspires his acting, his favourite stars and how he acts out his soul…


How did acting start for you and when?

Acting chose me in 1999 coincidentally and I have never looked back since. Acting professionally began in August 2009, when I landed my first film role. After that, it was a case of attending auditions and building the right network, and by Grace here we are. The long version, however, is I was searching for what I had a passion for at that time. I took my brother to his modeling class and the instructors felt I had the look to join the team. It was made up of mostly Theatre Arts undergraduates at the time. There I met Lucky Ejim and Victor Nkwonta who saw my potential and helped spark up the passion for acting. I’m ever grateful to them. After that trip I told my mom I wanted to study Theatre Arts as against Law. Fire and brimstone rained but she finally came through and my family has since supported me throughout my journey.

What made you pick acting as a career?

Like I said, it chose me. It’s all divinely woven. It’s fulfillment for me.

How would you describe your sojourn in Nollywood since you started?

Grace filled. I am so blessed to be where I am today in so short a time. I feel very privileged to have come in at this phase in Nollywood. It’s been very progressive. Each year is bigger and better. It comes with its challenges but we have not looked back. Gratefully now, we have the 2015 AMVCA for Best Supporting Actor. Chineke di involved.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge since you started professionally?

It is funny how growth changes things. Earlier in my career as is with most up and coming actors, it was the challenge of opportunity. Like O. C. Ukeje brilliantly pointed out in his acceptance speech, we are in an industry where people support tangibility. You can’t really blame the producers because there’s also the business to think of. It’s difficult to find sold out believers in potential. But in all we triumph!

Did you foresee yourself achieving as much success as you have when you started?

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Blossom Chukwujekwu

Success is all I have ever seen. While I am grateful and thankful for how far I have come, I remain ‘hungry’ and ‘foolish’, but I’m honestly wowed at the speed with which it came. I’m humbled and never want to get used to it so I never take it for granted.

What do you think has brought you the success you have enjoyed in your career so far?

The Grace of God before talent, belief, hard work, commitment, discipline, focus, humility and consistency, to mention a few.

Have you turned down any role, and why?

That would only be because I’m unavailable due to scheduling conflicts. I seem to get really great projects and it is disappointing when I have to turn them down.

What role would you never play in a movie?

I am an actor. I will play anything, it only depends on when I think I’m ready to explore that creative depth. Acting is more spiritual than physical. I give a part of my soul every time I act.

What are those things that influence your acting?

Love does. Love for everything, for the story, for the message, for the character, for the project, for acting, for the viewers. Love for loved ones because I always want to make them proud. You’ll do anything for love.

Who are the movie stars you consider role models, both home and abroad?

Desmond Elliot, he is hard working and genuine; Ramsey Noauh because he is evergreen; RMD is Nollywood royalty; Majid Michel is simply magical and Rita Dominic, there is none sweeter.

No doubt, you are good-looking, amazing and a successful actor. How do you handle female folks, it could get out of hand sometimes?

I’m blessed with very courteous and respectful fans. It has rarely never gotten out of hand.

There are instances where an actor and actress fall in love on set. Have you ever experienced such?

No, I have not.

What would you do if that ever happens?

You love who you love, it’s life.

When you are not on set, what could you be doing?

Buying and selling (laughs). Nna no time. The average millionaire has seven sources of income. We can’t be dulling.

Who are the kind of people you mingle with?

The fear of God comes first. I like to keep older friends, they are a lot wiser, patient and experienced. I love to learn.

Do you consider awards the yardstick for measuring your work?

God bless all the award platforms for championing the course of appreciation of the arts, a culture we are still getting used to. However, you really can’t measure art. If you ask me, it is very subjective.

What was growing up like?

Great fun. I love my kid brother to forever even after eternity. God bless my parents for giving everything to make sure we didn’t lack. We necessarily didn’t have everything, but we lived like kings.

How would you describe yourself in one word?



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