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‘I had what other contestants did not have’ – MIss Chizitere Lawrencia, new MBGE

Fast rising event company in Nigeria, Erean Pageantry staged the Most Beautiful Girl in Eko (MBGE), a national pageant with a dint of class and uniqueness. Contestants for the Most Beautiful Girl in Eko came from the 36 states of Nigeria.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, had a chat with MBGE Entertainment Queen, Miss Chizitere Lawrencia on Thursday, September 1, 2016, where she talked about what made her unique amongst the other contestants and more.


Congratulations, on your success, how do you feel as MBGE Entertainment Queen in Lagos state?

Thanks for the compliment. I feel good as MBGE Entertainment Queen, it is not really easy. Anyway, l give thanks to God Almighty for making me a beauty queen.

Miss Chizitere Lawrencia

Miss Chizitere Lawrencia

What were the challenges?

In any competition, there are bound to be challenges. Challenges of life are there to strengthen us and make us better persons. Yes, l wouldn’t say there were no challenges. For example, strenuous training, rigorous exercise, and not eating between meals were major challenges. The training is about perfecting your dance steps, character, etiquette, mannerism, singing and choreography. It was fun, especially showcasing

Did you have the premonition of emerging as one of the queens?

Yes, because, I have what other contestants do not have. For example, personality, swag, creativity in my dance and passion for entertainment generally, I added passion to it.

What made you stand out?

Uniqueness is the word. The other quality is poise. I was original in all I did to standout.

Did you ever think you will become one of the winners of the MBGE pageant?

Yes, because of my faith in God and my ability. I have always desired to be one of the winners or the winner someday.

How do you intend to give back?

Through my office as a beauty queen. I will, by the grace of God with the support of Lagos state government, corporate bodies, business men and women and individuals supporting my pet project to help the poor and the needy.

What are the pet projects you will be working on?

Like I said, i will give back to the needy and the poor.

Now that you are a beauty queen, what do you intend to change about yourself?

Modesty, promptness, punctuality, simplicity, accessibility, etc are all l intend to imbibe in order to prepare me better.

What are the goodies attached to your emergence as MBGE Entertainment Queen?

Pageant is not only about material things. It is service to your fatherland, with passion and zeal. It is just like the movie industry. For example, if you want to be an actor or actress because of the money not the passion, then you may lose out so also with beauty pageant.

As for my price for second runner up, I will get N150,000 before the end of my reign and tourism trip to Ghana, all expense paid by the sponsors. There are terms and conditions attached to check those who have passion to serve or those for material reasons.

Miss Chizitere Lawrencia

Miss Chizitere Lawrencia

Are you in any relationship now?

No, I am currently not in any relationship. If I do, I will let you know. My priority now is my career and my education.


The categories of winners in the 2016 edition are:

  1. MBGE Queen (Most Beautiful Girl in Eko) overall winner
  2. MBGE Tourism, (first runner up)
  3. MBGE Entertainment, (second runner up)
  4. MBGE Environment, (Third runner up)
  5. MBGE Commerce, (Fourth runner up)
  6. MBGE Model. (Fifth runner up)
  • Glory Osigwe

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