‘I have achieved so much,’ says Mo’cheddah

 .As she returns with new songs

At a time when most of her fans were asking for her whereabouts, the sensational female singer, Modupe Ola, famously known as Mo’cheddah, is back to the music scene and she is heralding her return with the release of a hot new single,  Destinambari, featuring Phyno.

Since the release last week, Bollywood love rendition, produced by one of the best producers in Africa, Cobhams, has been receiving positive feedback from music buffs, and the excited singer couldn’t hide her feelings when speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, on Sunday, April 13, 2014, at The Bomb Bar, Surulere, Lagos.

“At an early age I have achieved so much, and have been fortunate enough to achieve things that people dream about,” the Osun state born artiste boasted. “I started singing at 12, I am the youngest artiste in Africa to have received a MAMA Award and a Channel O Award , which I won at 18. Before 20, I had several awards and hundreds of performances under my belt, despite the fact that I was in school (university) then. A graduate of Theatre Art from University of Lagos, I’m a brand ambassador for Soulmate. At a point I decided to take a break after a very hectic work and I said to myself, “you need a break.” I took time off to relax, grow myself and focus on me. I am very proud of all the things I have accomplished.”

TCD_7447_-001What were you doing while on break?    

I took time out to focus on the woman I want to be. While on break I was working underground, very observant of the happenings around me, and at the same time, having fun travelling around and spending time with my family and friends.  I took my time to study and learn a lot of things. I have always been in the studio and I have recorded so many songs, and now is the time to share them to the world. I am starting with Destinambari, featuring Phyno.

What inspired the song?

I made a promise to myself to do music that comes from my heart, music I truly love and I’m proud of. I would say it’s just a feeling which came very naturally. Right now, I am at a point of my career where I don’t find it difficult to make good music that comes from the soul because music is second nature to me. I have recorded so many songs. Destinambari came from a special place, I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted people to have nostalgic feelings. So, I went back to folktale, and incorporate everything to make a love song because love song is beautiful.

Why did you go for Cobhams and Phyno?

Cobhams is a producer you go to when you are ready to make proper music that would cut across nationals. I have always wanted  to work with him. For Phyno, what I love about him is his diversity. Even though he’s not speaking my dialect, he delivers in such a way I still understand, I can feel his passion. We recorded the song last year before he dropped his album.

2014-04-02 12.40.55I worked with him before now. I didn’t know that he was working on his album at that time. It’s a combination of English, Igbo and Yoruba, with an infused Indian melody.

What are we expecting after this?

Expect the best. I am not going anywhere. I have more music coming your way. I will be dropping them one after the other. In 2014, you’ll see more of Mo’cheddah, like never before.

How would you describe the industry now, knowing well that it is different from the industry you left?

It is still the same industry, just that it’s now thriving. They are doing great. I am a fan of Tiwa Savage, Omawumi, Seyi Shay and a host of others. I love what the industry is becoming. For the male artistes, I love Olamide’s Eledami.

What will you say has added value to Mo’cheedah, in your singing prowess in particular?

She is grown, and what I like about myself now is that my fans have also grown with me. I have been blessed with a special talent that separates me from everyone else. My mission now is to make my grown fans to experience me because they have been with me for many years. I know better and wiser now, this is a newer me. I am a real woman TCD_7381and you’ll feel that in my songs. I thank God for my life, and I think it is a blessing for me.

You’re a graduate of Theatre Arts. What are your parents feeling about you being into music?

My parents are my backbone. They have been supporting me before I gained admission into and even while in school. They made it happen because if they didn’t support what I am doing, they wouldn’t have allowed me to get to this level. Without them, I don’t know where I would have been now. My mom has always taught me to be the best. When I told her I wanted to become an artiste, she prayed and encouraged me.

How would you react to the rumour about you when you were on break?

Whether you’re a public figure or not, people would say all sorts of things about you. They are entitled to their own opinion, but that is not going to bother me now that I am back.

TCD_7333Let’s talk about your romance. Are you in any relationship now?

Yes, I am in a relationship but I don’t want to talk about it for now.

How would you describe your ideal man?

I like a strong individual, somebody that is confident, full of drive, God-fearing. Most important, somebody that loves you unconditionally. Somebody that wants to see you grow, somebody that wants the best for you.

What are your plans to reclaim your crown as the queen of pop?

The queen of pop is back. I am still the queen because I left as the queen. The plan is to release good music and believe in God. That’s my plan. To produce songs that will influence different culture, that will stand the best of time.

Which record label are you signed unto?

I have my own record label. The one I run myself. It’s called Mo’cheddah Records and I have my executive, the people I work with, and I believe with them, we can go far.


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