‘I have left LAWMA, government will decide my next job’- Olu Oresanya, Ex-LAWMA boss


Olu Oresanya was until Thursday, July 16, 2015, the Managing Director of Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). He has been at the helm of affairs of the waste management organization since 2005.

He told us in this interview his experience and challenges in the last 10 years…

How will you describe your 10 years experience as the CEO of LAWMA, sir?

It’s been a marvelous one with different ups and downs.  It’s quite a learning curve for me.  I have succeeded in learning some things which has been very, very rewarding.  By and large, it’s been a wonderful experience. Each day comes with its own challenges and at the point of every success, we’ve always started with a new challenge.  It’s been a very, very eventful 10 years.

When would you say was the most challenging period of that 10 years?

I can’t really recall because every day comes with its own challenge.  It was all filled up with different experiences that I can’t recall.  But to say there is a particular one that is most challenging, I can’t really pin on which one.  But I can tell you it was 10 years of different kinds of events and different kinds of experiences.

Which would you consider the best moment?

The best moment for me was the day LAWMA was given award in UK as the most productive organization in Africa.  We were given the Siemens Award.  To me, it was like marking my script globally and I was really very, very happy at that moment.

When was this?

This was in 2013 at the Siemens Global Award. LAWMA was awarded the Best Waste Management Organisation in Africa at that time by Siemens.

The second time was when the 42nd president of America, Bill Clinton came around to say thank you to LAWMA for making his dream of production of comport in Africa to come to past.  Those are the two great moments that I can recall professionally as the turning point in my life.

You worked with Tinubu, Fashola and Ambode.  Who among the three would you consider the most interesting to work with?

I think it is unfair to compare them because they all have their different styles which are unique and as a subordinate, I have to adapt to the different styles of my bosses. I have learnt from each and everyone of them.  From Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Fashola and just recently from Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.  I have learnt to embrace the quality of leadership they all have in their unique ways.

Would you say you are leaving Lagos cleaner than you met it?

I don’t want to mark my own script.  I want to remain modest. I want the member of the public to assist in marking my script in that regard.  Yes, with me I feel fulfilled as a worker, as a waste manager, as a city manager.  I feel fulfilled but I want to remain humble and allow Lagosians to mark my script rather than me marking it myself.

Where will likely be your next place of call?

I think the government will determine that.  For the mean time, I have signed out at LAWMA and I want the government to decide what to do with me next.


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