‘I have no regret converting to Islam’ -Lizzy Anjorin

BEAUTIFUL thespian, Alhaja Lizzy Aisha Anjorin, better known as Kofo the First Lady, has once again expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah on her conversion to Islam, adding that taking the step has really transformed her in all ramifications.

Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, November 21, 2014, the Badagry, Lagos-born entertainer said her career and business have witnessed tremendous development in the last one year she declared for the faith, especially after returning from Saudi Arabia where she went for Hajj in 2013.

Anjorin attributed all her success at the moment to being a Muslim.

According to Anjorin, some of her critics expected her to backslide after a while but they were all disappointed as she is waxing stronger and stronger in the faith.

“I thank Almighty Allah that I am doing well as a Muslim. I am happy and blessed all the time.  I keep saying it, I have not just converted to Islam, I have been in love with the religion for a very long time. But I only made it public in 2013.  And that was confirmed when I went on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

“A lot of people were condemning me then.  Some even expected that I would dump the religion after a while but I disappointed them. I thank God that they are all praising me now.

“Even, a lot of celebrities have embraced Islam after making mine public.  I thank God for that.  I must be grateful and honest to Allah that when I returned from Saudi Arabia in 2013, my life changed for the better.  The fact that I don’t have parents doesn’t reflect in my life at all.  Allah replaced my lost parents with Himself.  Everything is just falling in the way I want.

“Islam is all about total submission to the will of Allah, which is what I have done.  And I believe that’s why He is rewarding me abundantly.

“Although, before I went for Hajj, I wasn’t a bad person, I only noticed that I have improved a lot in all aspects of life.  Alhamdullilahi for that.”

Asked why she didn’t perform 2014 Hajj, she explained, “I wasn’t around during the time they were submitting passports.  That’s why I couldn’t make it this year.  But whether or not I go to Saudi Arabia, I can still worship Allah wherever I am.  It’s obvious that going to Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia is always a unique thing in the life of every Muslim.  And it’s always something I desire.  It’s a great opportunity to be closer to Almighty Allah than ever.  By the special grace of Allah, I will participate in the next Hajj.

“I am a Muslim. I have nothing to regret.”

Speaking on the premiere of her movie, Kofo, the First Lady, holding in the United Kingdom soon, Anjorin said, “Yes, we’re premiering Kofo, the First Lady in London in a couple of days. I am even preparing to travel very soon.  I will get back to you with details of the event.”


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