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‘I have not quit acting’ – BANKE ADEWUNMI

GORGEOUS thespian and CEO, Glitters & Glamour, Banke Adewunmi has rubbished the tale that she has quit acting. She added that it’s just a wishful thinking of the enemies of progress.  She further described the tale as a baseless rumour.

In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, June 7, 2015, the pretty actress expressed dissatisfaction about the tale, labeling those peddling it as disgruntled elements.  She, however, urged her fans to disregard the rumour totally as there is no iota of truth in it.

“That’s a wicked and baseless rumour.  Those saying that are bad elements.  They should have asked what’s happening from me instead of peddling unnecessary rumour.  I am still very much around and in the industry as well.”

Probed further on what could have informed the rumour, she reacted, “Maybe because it’s quite a while people saw me on locations or in movies, that’s why they just jumped into conclusion that I have quit acting.  And to cry it loud, I don’t even have any plan to dump acting for any business.  But the truth is that I do some other things I was concentrating on which didn’t allow me to take part in any movie shoot recently.  But that doesn’t mean I have quit the industry.

“Another thing is that I still need to take everything easy and strategise very well to ensure I come out with a movie I call my own soon. I am using this medium to assure the public, especially my fans that I will be back and better very soon.  They should just dismiss the useless rumour and continue praying for me.”

The sultry role interpreter, who added a year on Wednesday, May 27, also gave God the glory for being a year older.  “I am so grateful to God for another beautiful year to my age.  Although, everything was low key this time around, I still have every reason to be grateful to God for sparing my life to witness yet another birthday.  He has been so wonderful.  And on Him I will continue to depend.”


–               TADE ASIFAT

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