I have received my joy! -Umaru Maliki, retired soldier  after winning N1m on WWTBAM

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A retired soldier was featured recently on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?-the most popular family game show that airs every Sunday evening on NTA,STV,MITV, DBN and Superscreen. The former army officer and a gentleman won N1 million He bared his mind on sundry issues in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly…


Congratulations Sir. How do you feel on your winning today?

Words cannot describe it. It is not just about the N1 million, but its significance.

Who actually is Mr Umaru Maliki?

I am a retired military man from Edo state.

How about your experience with MTN?

My experience with MTN generally is that it helps someone to grow if you want to grow. MTN has helped me a lot. Two years ago I won a Hyundai jeep 2012 model, courtesy of MTN. The one I’m driving today.

What about your being on this programme sponsored by MTN?

Coming to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I can’t remember how many times I have been on the fastest fingers, but  I know I started coming here May 2007.So, when I got the call to come today for this one, I honoured it as always and God crowned my effort, I was able to sit on the hot seat. One should not be discouraged if your attempts didn’t yield in any endeavour.

Could you tell us your selection process?

I have been used to it. About two weeks ago, a lady called me in response to the text I sent to 132.She asked if I was the owner of the phone and number. She asked if I was playing for WWTBAM. After answering in the positive she asked one last question and the question was “What year did Gowon become the head of state?” I answered 1966.She said I would be called if I’m qualified to come. The rest is now history. It is no magic, just general knowledge questions.

And what has been your experience since you came?

Let’s be frank, I have travelled far and wide, and I have been here several times. The reason anybody would not be tired of coming to this place is the first class reception one would be given. Whether you win or not, a very warm treatment is given you.

Any comment on the show?

Honestly, I was very fortunate to have gotten to the hot seat. It is my joy because in my village they don’t believe this is real. My plan is that once I receive the cheque, I will go to my mosque and give thanks. I thank MTN and the organizers of this programme for giving me the opportunity to talk to my able comrade governor on the show; that he shouldn’t forget my town. Once again, I thank MTN. may God keep them and help them grow from strength to strength.

Any message to people out there?

I have, especially to the youth. They should read, general reading. Any little money they get, they shouldn’t use it for drinking, they should send names and locations to MTN. MTN don’t forget anybody. MTN would acknowledge any message to 132. So, if they don’t call you today, they would call you tomorrow. I have been called, and I have received my joy.


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