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‘I have the right to post any of my pictures on my page’ – Says actress Yvonne Jegede


EBONY skinned actress, Yvonne Jegede sure knows her onions despite the criticism from some movie lovers.  The unperturbed actress is hell bent on rising to the top.

The picture of a slimmer version of the actress has flooded the internet and ENCOMIUM Weekly decided to speak with her about it. She also spoke on sundry issues too.


What have you been up to of recent?

I have been working.  I have been touring the cinemas in Lagos State for a movie entitled, First Lady, produced by Omoni Oboli.  I have been busy really.

How will you describe your career generally up till date?

It has been improving.  Things have gotten better.  I have better recognition.  I have four nominations this year.  I have a job offer from Hungary.  It has really been good. I am grateful.

yvonne jegede

yvonne jegede

Tell us about the Hungary offer?

I got a call from someone in Hungary who wants to shoot a movie. We discussed it, he spoke with my management and we were able to strike a deal.

We noticed that you have lost some weight, what is it all about?

I have been working out. I go to the gym once a week.  I do my exercise at home too.  I just didn’t like how I was looking on television.  I have a bit of tummy, I am not comfortable with it, so I decided to work on it.  With the nature of my profession, I should look better than what I saw.  I should be worthy of being seen on TV.

Any special diet you are following?

I will not say I have any special diet.  I try to cut down my white food and anything baked.  I eat more of protein and salad.  It doesn’t matter how many times I eat in a day, I even eat more now but I eat clean.

What informed what you post on the social media?

It depends on how I feel.  I post them on impulse.  If I feel like sharing a picture or a short write up, I do that.  I cannot really say this is what I will post or this is what I wouldn’t post.

What informed a picture of you in a bath tub that flooded the social media sometime back?

The picture was on my Instagram page.  Anybody can have access to it and decide to post it.  A blogger might check my page, take the picture and make a story out of it.  I have the right to post any picture on my page.  If anybody does not like the pictures that I post, it is better for them not to follow me.  If it is all over the internet, it means some people visited my page and used the picture.

What informed your dress sense?

Comfort.  Whatever I am comfortable in is what you will see me wear.  When I was a bit bigger, I was not wearing certain dresses because I was not comfortable seeing myself in them. But now, I am comfortable wearing a whole lot more.

Some fans are of the opinion that Yvonne exposed some flesh too much, what do you have to say about this?

I have no response for that, please the next question.

You are not the outgoing type, we don’t see you at social circle, why is it so?

I have no particular reason. I will even say I have been out this year than before. I have been to a couple of events, awards, movie premiere. That is unlike me.  I go out though, it is not all functions I like to be seen as well.

What are you working on presently?

I have a job I am starting today.  It was directed by Robert Peters.  I also plan to hit the scene next year with my own production.  The first movie I produced is entitled, Three is a company.  By God’s grace, we are working on another one early next year.


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