‘I left Timaya because I wanted to try something new’ -Daniel Lloyd

Daniel Lloyd is a handsome young man, whose face is seen in most Nollywood movies and TV commercials lately. From Bayelsa state, he is not just one of those Nollywood actors but one of the adored and finest in the industry. He started his acting career in the university in 2006 with the movie, Tempted To Touch. He also holds a Civil Engineering degree. The chocolate skinned actor has acted in over 35 Nollywood movies amongst which is the first Nollywood-Bollywood movie shot in Nigeria and India, entitled J.U.D.E.

He was Timaya’s manager for several years until two years ago when he returned to the industry full time again. Few weeks back, he endorsed a high profile Johnnie Walker commercial advert. However, in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, January 29, 2015, he opened up on his movie career, his deal with Johnnie Walker and many more…

How did your journey into the movie industry begin?

It started years ago when I enrolled in a Street 2 Star competition in Port Harcourt, Rivers state by Hilda Dokubo, her husband Karo Mrakpor and the Rivers state government. I came second in the acting session. Ever since, it exposed me to a lot of things about acting. Aside that, I had always been in the drama team of my church and I thank God my passion for acting brought me this far.

What movie brought you into limelight?

It was a soap movie by Tricia Eseigbe called Pradah where I played Patrick.

You were also one of the first to feature in Nollywood/Bollywood movies shot in Nigeria, how did you pull that off?

It was tough having to put up with popular faces in the industry, I got the role to play Jude in the Indian movie J.U.D.E. Also travelling to India was stressful. The language was a barrier. The weather was very hot and of course the food. My first few days in India was crazy as the toilet became my friend but it was an amazing experience.

How challenging has the movie industry been for you?

The first challenge is making people believe I can act and to make them believe that I am ready for whatever comes with it. Also, I had to bring in my own style so I would not be like anybody else in the industry. I strongly believe that .people from Bayelsa, are always different and I am no exception.

What would you count as the pains and gains?

Pain has always been when people make you feel you don’t have a good job, they don’t take you serious and feel everything you say or do is just acting. The gains is when someone loves your movies and tells how you have affected his life with your movies and of course, when I smile to the bank and receive awards.

You were known to be Timaya’s manager several years ago, why did you part ways with him?

I would say it happened because when you are working with somebody, you do not stay forever. There would be a moment you would wish to do something new and that’s what I have done.

Would you say you have reached the peak of your career and why?

No, I can’t say that because the journey just began for me. I am far from reaching my peak, still on the starting line ready to take off.

How would you rate your career?

I am two years in the industry and it has been awesome. I have done a lot of both local and international jobs and 2015 is going to take a new dimension for me but so far, it has been the Grace of God.

In two years, what has been the challenges?

Right now, we have many young guys coming up, so having to be the best is a big challenge which means you have to step up your game in whatever thing you do. The major challenge is competing with yourself first before taking it out to the public.

What is your relationship with the international brand, Johnnie Walker?

I have nothing than a business relationship with the brand and I am proud to be with them.

You are also the CEO of Spotlyte Entertainment, how did you come about it?

Spotlyte Entertainment came into being while I was in the United States. It was established by myself and my partner who is based in Kenya.

What is Spotlyte Entertainment all about?

Spotlyte Entertainment is an entertainment consultancy company that deals in artistes management, event planning, movie productions, local and international shows for artistes. I love the music industry as well.

How financially rewarding is the movie industry?

I am comfortable to an extent but it could be better. The industry needs a structure to make actors get what is due them but so far, it has been good.

Have you produced any movie or you are working on it?

I have not produced a movie but I’m working on it.

Who have you worked with in the movie industry and how do you feel working with them?

I have worked with many people in the industry and it’s amazing to know how much I learnt from everybody because they all bring different lessons to my table and to learn lots from their acting skills to better myself. Like I said, the journey just began for me so it’s still work in progress. There is no perfection without practice.

Who is the lucky woman in your life?

My world, my queen, Amor, my personal person and my mother.

 Any marriage plan yet?

Not at the moment.

What are your plans for 2015?

I look forward to more collaborations between Hollywood/Nollywood, more endorsement deals, and my own projects would be coming up very soon. The sky may be large enough for every bird to fly but one out of all the birds will be able to shine. So that’s my plan for 2015.


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