I Like Girls crooner, YQ resurfaces with hot single, Nawo Nawo

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R n’ B and Afropop artiste, Yakubu Jubril, popularly known as YQ was signed to ZKoncept Entertainment at the beginning of his career.  He carved a niche for himself as that indigenous, melodious and sonorous voice which specializes in club banging hits.  This quality eventually got him signed to Storm Records in 2010.  He has since parted ways with Storm Records and has been relatively silent since then.  This was to strategise for a better YQ. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with him at a club on Friday, February 28, 2014.  He told us about his new single, label, life as a musician and more…

How are you?

I am fine, thanks to God Almighty.  He has been my strength.

It has been a while, what should your fans expect from you this year?

I am working on my album this year.  I am also shooting the video of a song, Nawo Nawo with Olamide this month.  Then, I have a song with Jaywon, Carry My Back, and we are shooting the video in two weeks.  This year, I am going to drop a minimum of three videos and an album, by God’s grace.

Which management are you working with right now?

I am working with YBWL Consultancy, that is it for now.  I am definitely going to work with one or two people.  Everything is going corporate right now.  So, we are trying to work with one or two corporate firms and get one or two endorsements. We just need to get moving

and engage in things that will bring us back stronger.

Are you sure the guys you are hooked up with right now can take your career to the next level?

Yes, one just needs to be sure that God will make it happen, because you can have a manager that has 20 years experience and nothing will happen.  You also can have another that has just a year experience and something will happen. It is just about the grace of God generally.  So, I am hopeful.

What can you attribute your success in the music industry to?

The grace of God.  Whatever you do once His grace is with you, you are a success.

Who are the people that motivated you into music?

First, my dad.  Though, he never wanted me to do music, he was a music lover and he plays music a lot.  When I came into the music industry fully, people like Plantashun Boiz, Trybesmen, and Sound Sultan really motivated me.  That was how I built my confidence.  I was always thinking that if these people can do it, I can also do it.  I can remember vividly watching Daddy Showkey at age 16, and Father U-Turn, may his soul rest in perfect peace.

It’s a busy industry right now with Wizkid, Davido, Reminisce and a whole lot of them.  It’s going to take more than average to get to the top again.  How do you intend to face these challenges?

I have been there, this is my sixth year in the industry and if it can survive from when I started till now, it shows I just need to keep moving.  Anything can come up at any time and it will be like a bomb and that will be it. I just need to stay relevant and believe in God.

When you started music, what was your parents’ reaction?

They did not support me, so I ran away from the house to face music squarely.  I have always known I will make them proud at the end of the day, and it happened.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am. I have someone I am dating.

Tell us about her.

Let’s leave it that way, I don’t want to talk about her.

Has fame changed anything about you?

No, I just can’t do anything I wish. I must put my personality and the media into consideration.

What lessons have you learnt about success?

I have learnt to stay humble, put God first and have passion for anything I do.

Who produced Nawo Nawo?

Laylow did.

On and off stage, who is YQ?

I am just like any other young man out there, cool headed, hustling and praying for a better future.


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