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‘I made a mistake dating Ure,’ SOUL E cries


SOME weeks ago, it went viral on social network that popular hip-hop singer, Emmanuel Ifechukwude, popularly known as Soul E Baba, secretly got married and that his wife is much older than him.  It was also alleged that the wife is a banker. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to the gangling and handsome music maker on Thursday, January 9, 2014, where he opened up on reasons for his secret marriage, his family, other business interests, career projections and lots more…

Compliments of the season to you.

Thank you, wish you the same.

What are your projections for your career this year?

I’m coming up with a soul album. It’s going to be for the matured minds, those who love good music.  It would come in diverse ways, hip-hop, R n’ B, techno, house music and gospel.

How long have you been in the industry?

I released my first album in 2006, that is eight years now.

Do you have any other business aside music?

Yes, I’m a contractor.  I have my travelling agency and of course my record label.  We are working on establishing a company in China.  We want to be importing television and other electronics.  As a brand, you need to expand.

It went viral on social network weeks back that you secretly got married, how true is that?

(Laughs) I didn’t secretly marry.  I just kept it out of the press because I trust no one.

Can we meet your wife?

Her names are Nkerika Lynda, she’s from Delta and a graduate of Geographical and Metrology Studies from University of Nigeria, Nsukka (Enugu).

How did you meet her?

Actually, on the internet, Facebook precisely.  I was in Singapore then (2008) and was just on my phone some days after my birthday.  We got talking and that led to marriage on January 2, 2014.  Though we were lawfully married in court in 2010.

Why was she preferred among other ladies that you have dated?

I married her because I’m so comfortable around her.  She understands the nature of my career.  She knows I’m Soul E outside home and when I’m back home I’m her man.  She stood by me despite all negative things people were saying.  I was looking for a lady who would be a mother to my kids, a lover, my best friend and I found more than that in her.

ureNow married, what is the relationship between you and Queen Ure?

As a matter of fact, we don’t talk.  We have not talked for years.  But when we see of course, we exchange greetings and nothing more.

So any regret dating Ure?

Yes, I made a mistake dating her.

If you would take back the hands of time what would you change?

I would have waited for the right woman that I got married to.

What does your wife do?

I told her not to work, but she insisted.  So, she’s the one managing my travelling agency and all my other business interests.

What will you say marriage has changed about you?

Nothing really, I’m still my same self.  The only difference is that now I’m much more matured.

It was also said sometime ago that Prophet T. B. Joshua was your helper and mentor because he stood by you when you went down career wise?

This is serious.  As a matter of fact, I have never met T. B. Joshua. I love him and I’m also one of his huge fans but we have never met.

How many kids do you intend having?

I wanted four, but she said three, whatever God decides is final.

Is it true, she’s older than you?

No, she’s much younger than me.

Who are those you are grateful to career wise?

I’m forever grateful to God, my parents, my wonderful fans, my wife, producer, sponsors and all those who believe in me.  I love you all.  And to Linda Ikeji, I’m using this medium to tell her that she should stay off me and stop publishing fake stories about me.  She should use her time for real stories and stop posting rubbish about people.

How many awards have you won?

I have won countless awards. I can’t even count them all.


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