‘I never said I saw actresses involved in lesbianism’ – BOSE AROWOSEGBE cries

FEW weeks back, Yoruba actress Bose Arowosegbe resurfaced into the public glare where she said in a recent interview with a popular newspaper that she saw some Yoruba actresses having sex.  In the interview, she said, “It happened when two friends came to visit, then three of us had to share a bed.  As we were on the bed with my back turned to the other two, I felt some movements and I turned.  Alas, the two other girls were doing it.  I was simply aghast and dumbfounded. I watched them transfixed for about two minutes and then gave one of them a slap.  She looked at me and asked if she had touched me or what? I was so mad that I started shouting at them.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly called the actress on the issue to confirm which actresses she spotted engaging in the lesbian act. She was first reluctant to grant any further interviews as she was receiving a lot of criticisms for what she said, but she had a brief chat with us to clarify the matter…

How did your journey into acting start?

I have a lot of friends in the industry, some of them have even left now.  They are the ones that introduced me into acting.

What have been the pains and gains so far of acting as a woman?

I’ve never had any pain but there have been a lot of gains.  I’ve gotten married and I have a baby girl.  She’s two months old now.  I’ve also become a producer in the industry so there have been a lot of gains.

What movie shot you into limelight?

The movie I am most popularly known for is Karenibarin.

In a recent interview, you said you saw some Yoruba actresses having lesbian sex.  Can you reveal who they are?

I didn’t say that.  They misquoted me.  I never said Yoruba actresses or even Nollywood actresses.  I said I’ve had experiences with few friends who engage in lesbianism.

There were rumours that you were once a lesbian, is it true?

I’ve never been into it and I will never be into it.

As an actress what other issues does the industry have now?

I’m not really interested in the problems facing the Nigerian movie industry. I am just focused on my career.

What more should your fans expect from you?

They should expect the release of my new movie entitled, Akoda Oro.


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