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‘I sleep off my worries’ – Queen Ayo Balogun @60

On Sunday, December 10, 2017, famous juju queen and president of the Association of Juju Musicians of Nigeria (AJUMN), Queen Ayotunde Kofoworola Balogun, simply addressed as Ayo Balogun, will clock 60. And preparations are already in a top gear to ensure the success of the birthday celebration.

Encomium.ng was at the Ilupeju, Lagos office of the Ilesa, Osun born gracefully ageing entertainer where she spoke to us about the landmark age and few other issues.


First, congratulations on your 60th birthday.

Thank you so much.

How does it feel clocking 60?

It feels so good because, at 60, you start to count your blessing. That’s alone makes it really good.

At 60, what do you think you can no longer do?

I have not even thought of anything like that, to be honest. I really don’t know. I still do everything I used to do. And I don’t see myself giving up on everything I am doing now in the next 10, 20 years.

At 60, you’re still very radiant in look, what’s the secret?

The secret is not farfetched. It’s just that I try as much as possible to worry less. Like I said in an interview lately, what I do is that I sleep off my problems. If I see something like “Oh!, God! Why is this happening to me”. I will just go to bed. And by the time I wake up, my head will be clear and I am able to deal with the situation that has really helped me. So, I worry less and make sure I eat right.

At 60 and as an entertainer, what experience would you like to share with those out there?

That’s you don’t know what you can do until you try to. I didn’t know I would ever be an entertainer. So, never say never.

You have been marvellously blessed at 60, what more are you still looking unto God for?

I pray for many more years in sound health. I also pray for more grandchildren. I love children so much. I want to see more of them around me.

December 10 is very much around the corner, what preparations have put in place for the success of the birthday gig?

I have quite a number of activities and one of them is visiting the orphanages which I have been doing in the past. So, we’re going to have a concert out of which the proceeds from the concert will go to these orphanages.

I have also just been told that my association is planning another event for me called Pre-Birthday concert. And even after the D-Day, the party still continues. Different people, different associations are planning different things for the celebration. I give thanks to God and those standing by me.

Where is the main party holding?

It will take place somewhere on the Island after thanksgiving .

That will be in your church?

Yes, of course. By the special grace of God.

How much have you put together for the celebration?

I can’t say precisely the amount put together for the event because I have a lot of well wishers and supporters all over. Some will just bring this, some will bring that just for me alone. In fact, I am so grateful to them all. I will say everything the celebration will gulp has come out of good will.

Any advice for the younger ones out there?

My advice for them is that patience is never too much. And that they just have to be focused and determined. Then, they should follow their dreams and be prayerful. With all these, they will surely get to their destinations.




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