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‘I still mean every word of that tweet!’ – Brymo reiterates

The social media sphere got buzzing a few weeks back when ‘Ara’ crooner and one-time Choc boy, Olawale Ashimi, famously known as Brymo, took to twitter and said: “The records are selling in millions again, the lies are heaping again”.
Many linked the statement to contemporary high-life star, Flavour whose ‘Thankful’ album had supposedly sold about a million copies despite only being out for a few days.
In a brief chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Brymo reiterated that his tweet was no mistake. He also spoke about his much-anticipated fourth album ‘Tabula Rasa’ which dropped in late November…

Congratulations on successfully launching your fourth album, Tabula Rasa.
Thank you!
How well is it doing in the market?
Very well. We released digital version online on 30th October and the deluxe version is now available in select stores like Konga and Jazzhole outlets.
What has the reviews been like? Positive? Negative?
Positive reviews.. They say it’s the best album of 2014. Or at least one of them.
For you, where does Tabula Rasa rank among your four albums?
Tabula Rasa sits in top two of my works. Not sure which comes first if compared to M,D&S. It definitely has more commercial appeal while M,D&S had more depth.
Tell us about the thinking behind this album.
I pretty much wanted to turn a new page. A new life and new commitments. Picking from all that was good in the past and channeling it into a brighter future. Of course, not forgetting to relate it all to the listeners.
What does Tabula Rasa mean?
Simply means ‘blank slate’… The title was inspired by a few things, one of which is the expectation of a child. The mind of a child is blank like a page with nothing written on.
You got tongues wagging on social media recently with your tweet, “the records are selling in millions again, the lies are heaping again”?
Yeah, that was taken quite badly. What’s more important to me, however is that it needed to be said, and I still mean every word of that tweet!
Was it targeted at any particular individual?
Not any individual but the industry at large. I believe we have far more potential than we care to know. If those in charge would pay a little attention, we have the numbers to make us blossom for real and not just putting out numbers… Dreaming it to make it is far better than faking it to achieve same.
Why was it linked to Flavour’s album sales by many?
I heard on radio that someone else had sold records up to a million and it’s why I tweeted, I didn’t even know word was out on his.
Some are speculating bad blood between you two. How true is this?
Not true at all, no bad blood.
2014 is coming to an end. How has the year been for you?
The year has been fruitful, I am getting good news upon good news and even though there are only a few weeks to go, I am sure there’s more great things to come
What are you looking forward to in 2015?
In 2015, I am looking forward to greatness. Greater success than even I ever dreamt of.

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