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‘I was a bit disappointed I didn’t win’ – Shade Olalere (2nd runner up)

When Shade Olalere put in for Miss Nigeria 2016, she prepared adequately to wear the crown but she eventually emerged the second runner-up. She had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly where she told us how disappointed she was for not winning, but she is ready to use the platform the pageant gave her to better her world.


Is this your first time of going into pageantry?

No, I was Oyo State representative at Centenary Pageant in 2014. I was among the top 5. Then I went for Miss Heritage Nigeria. I was crowned Miss Heritage Nigeria Tourism but I didn’t do much with the platform. They were not supportive enough. This is the major pageant I have been.

Were you disappointed that you didn’t win?

Yes, I was a little bit disappointed but I believe God is aware of all that happened. I know that God has a plan for this position I am in. If He wanted me to be the winner, nothing would have stopped it. I had so much confidence. I prepared for it. So many people did not get to the top 10. I am so grateful. There is so much work to do.

What are your plans?

I plan to work closely with the organization. I am also interested in fighting female genital mutilation. I also want to be a voice to the fashion industry. Not necessarily that I have to sew.

How was camp experience?

It was awesome. Everybody was so amazing. I met different girls. It was insightful. The organizers did so much to make us all comfortable.




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