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ID Africa CEO, Femi Falodun joins PR Professionals from over 30 countries at ICCO Global Summit

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) has announced Femi Falodun, the CEO of Marketing, Media and Technology company, ID Africa, as a speaker at the ICCO Global Summit which holds on November 17 and 18, 2021.

Falodun will speak on a panel that will examine trends, opportunities and challenges in the African PR and Communications market.

Falodun has spent almost a decade consulting on Public Relations, Media and Digital Communications projects across diverse sectors, and developing strategic communication programmes for some of Africa’s biggest brands. He will be drawing from this experience to share insights on emerging trends, opportunities and challenges within Africa’s PR and Communications market.

Commenting on the upcoming summit, Falodun, who is also a director at BlackHouse Media (BHM) said: “The World Bank says Africa presents an opportunity to create the world’s largest free trade area with the African Continental Free Trade zone by connecting over one billion people in 55 countries with a combined GDP of almost £3 trillion. Africa holds real promise for the future of our world – in terms of talent supply, material resources and economic growth opportunities, and as PR professionals, communicators and storytellers, it is time to shine the light on this hidden gem.”

Femi Falodun will join PR professionals and communication consultants from diverse sectors and industries in over thirty countries at the summit to explore emerging trends and discuss critical issues in a bid to unearth cutting edge ideas that will challenge practitioners to re-evaluate the industry.

The ICCO Global Summit has for over 20 years served as an essential event for practitioners with an international remit to exchange views, gain new perspectives and develop fresh ideas on the future of the global PR and communications industry. 



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