If you catch your spouse pants down, what would you do? (2)

Marital vow is to be together in the atmosphere of fair play and fidelity till death do them part. They should be able to vouch for one another, irrespective of the circumstance. In recent times, spouses have been caught in sexual immorality. Some even indulge in it with reckless abandon.

A lot of damages might have been done before they come back to their senses. This was brought to limelight when ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled people’s opinion on what their reaction would be, if they catch their spouse in the act.


MRS. FUNMILAYO AKINOSUN – I won’t utter a word in the presence of any of them. I would act as if I didn’t see anything. I won’t even raise the issue. I will leave them for their conscience to punish them if they have it. Though it is not easy but I will still stay in the same house with him.

No one keeps a good home without experiencing such. So, I believe it is part of the experience of being a mother and a wife.


MATTHEW ADELE – I have heard about such happening but as a man, I will get angry even if they are just sitting on the bed. I will exercise patience, if not I will kill either of them and that will get me into trouble. I won’t forgive her because for her to do something of such, it means I no longer satisfy her. I can wait outside for her to finish the act and I will send her packing immediately.


MARCUS ADENIYAN – I will walk out immediately and stay somewhere and allow them enjoy themselves. I will ensure that they are aware of my presence because the man is not at fault, it was my wife who allowed him into my house. Afterward, I will ask my wife for the reason behind the act but I won’t send her packing.

I believe there is no sin above forgiveness but I won’t forgive her immediately. Though, she will have to excuse me for a while for me to calm down.


MRS. EUCHARIA BANTALE – I can’t think of such happening but if it does, I won’t do anything to the lady. But as for my husband, I will make life miserable for him. I will cease doing my duty as a wife. If he begs me, then it is left for me to decide on what to do.


MRS. SALAMI KEHINDE – I will kill the woman and divorce my husband.


DR AYOTUNDE ALAO – Truly, I will be shocked but believe me, I will be hurt but I will forgive her. As for the man, I will do nothing to him as long as he didn’t rape her or drug her. It is my wife I have business with.


MRS. DAMILOLA BELLO – It can never happen but if it does, I won’t do anything. Though, it isn’t easy to forget things of such, I will forgive my husband.


AZEEZ AFOLABI – I won’t fight her and I will not send her packing because if I do, it is like I’m stressing myself. I won’t speak to her again, neither will I eat her food. I will just neglect her for her conscience to send her packing. My belief is that, if I forgive her, she will continue the act.

If we are living in a rented apartment, I will pack out for her but if it is my house, I will squat with a friend because I believe for her to do such, she can poison me.


MRS. OLAMIDE ODENIYI – I will reciprocate his action. After all, it is a free world and we have equal right in the marriage. I will do that for him to feel what I felt too.


MRS. OGUNLEYE NIKE – I will repackaged myself because for the lady to be bold enough to come to my home, she will sure have something in mind. I won’t leave my matrimonial  home because of my children and I won’t fight my husband immediately because I believe the lady is a devil and she came to destroy my home.

I won’t be happy though and I will ask him that if I were the one caught in the act, how would he feel. I will forgive him afterward.


ADEOLA ADESANYA – I will naked the man, then I will batter him. After, I will send her packing because for her to do such, she can kill me. I believe it is not the handiwork of the devil.


RAUF POPOOLA – I won’t do anything to them because it is not the man’s fault. If I take any action, it means I am committing myself and I believe she did not respect me that was why she did something of such. I won’t do anything to her because she had already lost her prestige as my wife.

I won’t eat at home and I will never make love to her again.


MRS. MUINAT SALAU – I will fight the woman immediately, we will report the issue to our relatives.


MRS. CHINWERE ONYEKACHI – If he can do such, then he does not love me anymore. I will pack out with our children.


AKEEM YUSUF – I won’t do anything to her, I will just reciprocate her action because it is not befitting for me to fight her and if I say I should fight her, I might end up killing her. I will just bring home a lady she knows well and do the same. She will leave by herself.


OKERAYI FATAI – I won’t beat her. I will just instruct her to pack out. If we already have children, then we go to court for necessary action.


SUNDAY ILEBE – I will send her packing immediately. I can’t forgive her because for her to do such, she can kill me. She will decide if she wants to take the children along or not.


YEMI SOLADE – I don’t have a spouse, I have a God send wife and mother of our wonderful children.


MRS. ANU AMOKO – I will beat her to a pulp and I will divorce him because I don’t like trouble.


ALAGBE BILIAMINU –If you catch your spouse pants down, what would you do? I will get extremely angry. I can break their head, I won’t kill them but I will beat them to the verge of death then I will send her packing. If the family intervenes then I can consider her, that is if she has my child but if she doesn’t, I won’t take her back.


OMOKARO BRIGHT – I will beat my wife and forgive her.


ADENIRAN KAYODE – First, I trust my wife, she can’t do such, human beings will continue to be human. If such happens, I will close my eyes and take things easy with her and the man, that will be my immediate reaction of course.

However, I will file for divorce, nothing can bring us together again because the more I see her, the more I remember the incident and that will continue to work negatively on the marriage. so, it is better to walk out of the marriage so that there will not be violence.


LANRE JAIYESIMI – God forbid. It can’t happen. I can’t even imagine it happening.


MRS. SAMIAT BADMUS – I am a very aggressive and jealous woman. I don’t think I can share my husband with anybody because I love him dearly and I don’t take things easy when I get very angry. I pray such shouldn’t happen because if it does, either of us will die. I pray God should take control and such shouldn’t happen.


MRS. DAYO ADENEKAN – It can never happen because I trust my husband but if it does, I will kill that woman and my husband. I don’t care about the outcome, so far I have done my wish.

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