Ifeanyi Dike rubbishes South Africa relocation tale

+ Why some disgruntled elements in Nollywood are in a hurry to be relevant

A couple of days back, rumour mongers alleged that Ifeanyi Dike has relocated to South Africa, though reasons were not given for his relocation.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Ifeanyi Dike about this development.  We also took him on sundry issues.

We learnt you have relocated to South Africa sir, how true is it?

Where did you hear that?  At least you are calling me on my Nigeria mobile number.  Nigeria is better than South Africa.  I don’t have any reason to relocate to South Africa.  On what ground did they say I left Nigeria?  That is not true.

As a member of board of trustees of Actors Guild of Nigeria, what is your opinion about the leadership tussle in the association and what is the way out?

There is no leadership tussle.  Some people just want to create problem to seek attention.  They will drag each other to court for no reason and blow it up on the pages of newspapers.  The person that went to court was expelled from the association a long time ago.  Emeka Ike has been claiming to be the president since Segun Arinze was there.  There is freedom of association but you cannot force yourself on people.  As far as we are concerned, we have appealed the case.  The board doesn’t believe in taking its members to court that is why members have been keeping quiet.  After all, it is not a paid job.  If they say they don’t want the board again, I will drop my post.

Looking at it, most members don’t pay their dues.  I don’t know why attention is on AGN.  We have made AGN attractive now that is why everybody wants to be president.  That woman (Ibinabo) has been going around seeking support, seeking money from different sources.  They write letters for sponsorship to the government.  If the government gives little grant, they will start shouting the executives are stealing money.  To be sincere with you, President Ibinabo has tried for the association.  She has put a lot of things in place to make members live an average life.  She is carrying everybody along.  People are just jealous.  We need to encourage her.

We are planning an actor’s conference.  We want to resolve every issue.  We want to make sure no actor takes the other to court.  We should rather face the people owing us money.  Most cable TV show movies without paying royalty.  It shouldn’t be.  Most airlines show our movies on flight who is collecting money from them.  Actors should be making money from them.  We need to set a lot of things in order.  I learnt some actors pay producers to feature in their movies, it shouldn’t be.

The board will find a way to unite all members.  The problem is, if we call for a meeting, these people will not show up.  We want all actors to withdraw all cases from court and stand as one.  Enough is enough.

What will happen to the promises President Jonathan made to the association?

We gave the President grand patron of the industry.  Anybody that occupies the position is now our grand patron.  General Buhari will take over as our grand patron.  We believe he will take over from his predecessor.  Nollywood has provided jobs for a lot of young men.  We have projected the image of the country in a positive light in the international community.  We believe he will show interest in the growth of the industry.


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