Ifo LG boss, HON. OLUWOLE ENILOLOBO and wife celebrate 10 years of marriage – Their love story

IFO LG boss, Hon. Oluwole Enilolobo and his wife, Funmilayo recently celebrated 10 years of marriage.  The private party held at the popular place of leisure, Beerhugz Café, Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja, Lagos.  Friends of the couple were in attendance to share in the joyous moment.

Theirs is a love story that span 21 years.  They courted for 11 years and on Saturday, May 8, 2004, they signed the dotted lines and now 10 years together, they are more than thankful to God, who held their home.  The couple spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about the trials and triumphs of the last 10 years.


‘He is a good husband and father’  – WIFE

MRS. Funmilayo Enilolobo chronicled the trying times in her 10 years marriage to Ifo LG boss, Hon. Oluwole Enilolobo insisting she overcame those times with prayers.


Recently, you and your husband celebrated 10 years of marriage, how would you describe the journey?

The 10 years was like forever.  I appreciate God who saw us through the trying times.  It wasn’t an easy journey.  The devil wanted to play some pranks on us but God came to the rescue.  I didn’t know what marriage was all about at the beginning but along the line, I came to know so many things.

What you mean is that you didn’t expect what you saw in your marriage at the beginning?

At all, I thought it was going to be easy.  My plan was that as soon as we got married, I would be travelling around.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. I had to take care of the home front. There is no marriage without its own challenges.

So, how did you manage to overcome your own challenges?

Through prayers.  I met people who advised me but I took to God’s word. I ran to Him and He helped me.

10 years down the line, how would you describe your husband?

He is a man of his word and focused.  Those are the things I saw that made me agree to marry him.  He plans for everything he wants to do and follows them.  He really suffered to go to school.  What many people are seeing today is long years of toil and hard work.  He never deviated from his plans.  He usually advised his friends to work for everything.  He is a good father to his children.

Can you recollect how you actually fell in love?

The first time I met him, I never gave him a chance. I never thought we could end up as husband and wife.  With time, I developed interest in him.  Wole was my first love.  I have a strong feeling for him. It was unusual, and so far I have stuck with him.  I am okay I can’t date two guys at the same time. Our love grew with time and here we are.  My family never supported me marrying anybody from Ogun State. I told them the person I was dating was from Ogun State.  I insisted they have to take it like that. I couldn’t leave him.  He is my first love.  They decided to give in to my choice because I am the only girl in the family.

How do you pamper him whenever he is back from work?

I play with him, psyche him and he would laugh, he would be energized.

As a busy woman, how do you manage the home front?

Most times, I wake around 5 a.m, tidy up the home, see the children off to school before I leave for my own business.

How do you settle quarrels?

Our differences don’t last a day.  It just fizzles out and we laugh over it.  I make the move for amends.  Our routine every morning is to hug each other.  I hug him and everything is over.

The anniversary party was a surprise to you, what will you say to those who made it?

I just want to thank all those who came.  It was a surprise party.  I pray that God will continue to bless them and uphold their homes.

What is that gift your husband ever gave you that you cherish so much?

He is a cheerful giver, so he has surprised me with many gifts that I cherish so much.  Two years ago, he surprised me with a Dubai trip for my birthday.  I was happy.  He is a good husband and father.


‘The winning formula of our marriage’ 


THE politician cum businessman who calls the shots at Ifo Local Government in Ogun State talked about the woman who means the world to him.


How has the journey been 10 years down the line?

I give all glory to Almighty God who made it possible for us to come together as husband and wife after a courtship of 11 years.  Our marriage is not different from any other marriage.  We have had our ups and downs but with love, we were able to scale through those difficult times.  We are happy together and still forging ahead.

Can you recollect how you met and fell in love with your wife?

I met her through a friend, Joshua. I was staying with my brother at Police Barracks in Ogba, Lagos.  Fortunately, she was also staying in one of the estates around.  This fateful evening, I saw her again and I asked my friend, Joshua to connect us which he did that night and we took it up from there.  Along the line, when I left Ogba we lost contact.  We reconnected through a friend and re-established our relationship.

How have you kept the love glowing since your courtship days?

We understand each other.  Nobody is a saint.  We all have our differences, because we put love ahead of all we do, we are able to overcome any challenge.  That has been the success story of our relationship.

How do you settle differences?

Right from the beginning, I vowed never to raise a finger on any woman, be it my wife or not.  I never allowed my anger last more than two hours.  Something in me will tell me to go and make amends.  Whether I am wrong or right, I would apologise.

How would you describe your wife’s personality?

She is a person that will stand by whatever she believes.  She believe me right from the beginning and she stood by me.  For 20 years now that we have known each other I seek advice from her.  She has been a supportive wife, a pillar.  She is like a shoulder I lean on and she has never failed me.  11 years of courtship, 10 years of marriage, I have never found her wanting.  I believe that is what every man needs.  At times you feel the whole world is crashing on you, you need that person to lean on.

What would you say to those who came for the anniversary?

I thank all of them.  They really surprised me at that short notice.  I informed some of them three hours to the event and they still made it with their spouses.  Some of them were there when we got married 10 years ago, even my best man.  That day, I really appreciated them.  Those who couldn’t make it had good reasons.

–           Interviews by FOLUSO SAMUEL

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