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Ik Ogbonna joyous on Avant Garde Award

Ikechukwu Ogbonna is in a joyous mood at the moment. The reason is not far-fetched. The light-skinned role interpreter just won Revolutionary Actor of the Year at the just concluded Avant Garde Awards held in Abuja. IK was also nominated for Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, IK expressed how he feels and the joy of being among the young leading actors in Nollywood.


Congratulations on your AMVCA nomination?

With Alexx Ekubo

With Alexx Ekubo

Thank you very much. We give God the glory and please, when you’re done reading don’t forget to vote for this yellow bald head young man at www.africamagictv.com.

In what category were you nominated?

Best actor in a drama AMVCA.

Is this your first award?

No, I have picked up a few and recently just picked up an award for Revolutionary Actor of the Year in the Avant Garde honours Abuja

How does it feel to be among the young leading actors in Nollywood?

I am grateful to God, the joy of every actor is to rise to the top and I can confidently say my work and God’s grace has been working for me. It feels good to know your fans are supporting you and I owe them nothing but 100 percent delivery.

What lessons would you say you have learnt in the Industry?

I have learnt not to take criticism to heart, but work on them and give a better version of yourself. I have travelled far and wide in respect of my art and at the same time met a lot of people. But most important, I have learnt not to get lost in fame but use it to impact people.

Would you say you are at the peak of your career?

No , as a matter of fact, I am only starting. The dream is big , the vision is bigger, the hustle is a non-stop process.

What has kept you in the industry?

God has kept me in the industry. The love I get from fans and the fact I always try to outdo my previous jobs. My mind works like a space ship, it only goes higher and in a direction even when it seems to be lost in space at times. Most of all, I don’t believe in competition, I believe the industry is so large and can accommodate everyone.

What has being a celebrity done for you?

It has definitely opened doors for me and kept me in a constant state of obligation. I feel I owe everyone that loves the IK Ogbonna brand nothing but the best and those that hate the brand more reasons to hate.

Which was your most challenging movie?

Wrong Selfie.  It’s different and I love the character I played. You should watch out for that one.

Has stardom changed anything about you?

I won’t say necessarily it has. I just feel I am a better version of myself . I am full of positivity and so much mental strength that allows me break barriers.


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