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‘’I’m dying for Chidinma of Project Fame! Skuki’s Peeshaun confesses

After being romantically linked with different ladies, including Nnena and Mo’Cheddah, Atewologun Laolu-Oguniyi, famously known as Peeshaun, has finally confessed his love for the pretty Kedike crooner, Chidinma.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly held on Friday, October 25, 2013, at Ikeja Shopping Mall, Ikeja, Lagos, the Law graduate from the University of Ibadan (Oyo state) highlighted features that are making him die for the Project Fame winner, Chidinma and more…

pix2010022722826592013 is almost gone. How would you describe 2013 career-wise?

We started the year with B.A.D, an acronym for Beautiful And Different, and we shot a very beautiful video in Cape Town, South Africa. We did our B.A.D party, which was organized for our fans. Our friends in the industry, such as DJ Zee, P-Square, Iyanya, Timaya, 2Face also joined us.

It wasn’t a show, but a party. Immediately after that, we came up with Voom Va, featuring the dynamic igbo rapper, Phyno. Still more to come before the end of 2013. We want to thank God, then our fans and friends in the industry, who believe in Skuki.

Voom Va is one of the top 10 videos on MTV. How does it feel?

We feel good. We are happy about it, because everything about Voom Va video has been good from beginning. I mean outset! From the time we’re making the beat, and the choice of Phyno to voice on it, perfect. When we informed him, he liked it straight away.

We got the right people, place, dancers –  everything about Voom Va was perfected from the beginning. So, from the outset, we know we’re going to have another banger!

Skuki has done couple of songs, but none surpassed the feat recorded by Banger. Why it is difficult for Skuki to do this?

We’re not finding it difficult, honestly! We have nice songs, apart from Banger. We did Stamina, and it was well accepted by our fans, but the acceptability didn’t meet Banger. The issue is, talent is God-given. We find music very easy, it’s something we do as we are chilling. We find it not difficult at all to make songs that would surpass the feat recorded by Banger. Besides, for us, inspiration comes easily.

As far as Skuki is concerned, we have ways of measuring our hit songs. We drove around Lagos, mostly in the evening, to know which of our songs people love most. We did it for Banger, even Voom Va weeks ago, and we’ve been hearing it played in the streets. We already know it’s going to be another banger with the presence of Phyno.

Tell us your experience working with Phyno?

Phyno, no doubt, is one of the best artistes we’ve worked with. He’s just a cool headed guy. He doesn’t like stressing people, even when you stress him to do this and that. No protocol from him before he can work with you. We love his input, and it was felt. It’s really great working with the Man of the Year!

Right now, Voom Va is on the MTV Top 10; Number 8, on Trace’s Africa Top 10 and number 9 on Soundcity.

The feedbacks we’re getting from Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe are great. It’s going viral, the slogan is Oya Voom Vaa…

When should we be expecting your next album?

Our next album is coming out next year. We are not going to rush it, because we want to give our fans the best. However, we will be releasing more singles. Already, we have two singles out, Silifa and Don’t Let Your Dad Know. We would be shooting hot videos for the songs soon.

Are you guys on any record label?

Yes. Currently, we are on Over the Top Entertainment, the organizers of Night With the Masters concert that featured older generation artistes. We are the first artistes to be signed unto the label. I believe more vibrant artistes will join soon.

Who owns the record label?

The CEO is Akin Alabi.

Let’s talk about you and women. You’re involved in many controversies, and they’re mostly about women. Why? Or is it because of your love for them?

It’s because of their love for me (smiles). I think they love me, maybe because I am the finer of the Skuki.

But, there are some you also admire that you don’t mind spending the rest of your life with?

Yes, of course! Nigeria is blessed with pretty babes. If you study me well, you will observe that I am a very romantic guy, at the same time, I am very emotional. I definitely have someone that I love so much.

In the industry or out of the industry?

(Pause for seconds) In the industry, I have someone I really love so much.

Who is the lucky lady?

chidinma-8comp(Pauses again) Chidinma. She’s really attractive. I really love her so much, but we’ve not really had time to chat closely, except when we met at backstage during shows. I hope she will read this, for her to know that Peeshaun of Skuki loves her.

But Chidinma doesn’t read newspapers. She told us in an interview recently?

I am sure her friends, family will read it. They will definitely tell her I said so. I will love to marry her.

Are you serious?

Yes, of course!

What do you really like about Chidinma?

First, I love her music. I love her style. I love her composure. Apart from that, what I love in a woman is a beautiful face and I think Chidinma has 10/10 of that. The low cut on her head is making her look more beautiful anytime I see her performing or watch her video.

Are you directly or indirectly proposing to her?

I don’t want to talk about that now. Next question, please.

What’s your current relationship with your ex, Nnena (Yinka Olukunga) ?

No comment! I don’t want to talk about it.

Do you guys have issues?

Issues ke? Not at all. We’re friends.

What about Mo’Cheddah?

I know why you brought Mo’Cheddah’s issue, but the truth is, I didn’t date her. It was a rumour. However, Mo’Cheddah is great as a person. I call her Modupe, she’s wonderful, even though we have not seen for ages.

Don’t you think there is something common about these wonderful entertainers that attract you to them?

And what’s that?

Their fair skin, which makes them look beautiful?

I think I am attracted to beautiful people. They are all beautiful people, more beautiful than I am myself. I won’t say more than that.



  -Come to my house if you really want to know if it’s mine or not     

Recently, Tumininu Olaolu-Oguniyi, otherwise known as Vavavoom of Skuki music duo was involved in a phone sex scandal, and the lady at the centre of the storm, who claimed to be Vavavoom’s ex, released what she said was the picture of the crooner’s manhood.

She allegedly did that because she needed an apology from the graduate of Geography from the University of Lagos (Akoka,Lagos) for breaking her heart after sexual relationship that lasted for three months.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly held on Friday, October 25, 2013, at Ikeja City Shopping Mall, Ikeja, Lagos, he opened up on the scandal, amongst other issues…


Let’s start with how Skuki are surviving without shows and endorsements?

Sometime in this industry, a lot of people think you won’t survive shows and endorsements, but I tell you, you can! Although you make more money by attending shows, you need to first build a name for yourself. When you have a name, it will help you to survive, especially as an entrepreneur, you make a lot of money for yourself. You make more money than people who depend only on shows, and you don’t have to make noise about it.

We’ve been surviving more than the way a lot of people think. It’s because we have a name, and it’s really working for us. We’re doing fine, we are doing great. We thank God. Remember, Peeshaun Condom is coming soon

We’ve read a lot about Peeshaun Condom, but why is it not yet in the market?

The condom is ready, but we are trying to partner a lot of people. We can single handedly kick-start it, but we need to involve more companies, so that when it’s out, you will get it everywhere including the aboki’s shop beside your house or office. That is what’s delaying it.

Most people believe that you’re the gentle guy of the Skuki, scandal free, but recent events have proven otherwise. Why the sudden change in character?

I don’t know if there is any sudden change in my character. All I can say is that I am the most reserved of the Skuki. I keep to myself a lot. I try as much as possible to stay out of controversies. So, I won’t call it a sudden change of character, but a set-up.

Set-up, in what sense?

When people try to break you and you didn’t break, they try to think of other means. That’s how I see it. However, it’s going to be silly of me if I break under that kind of pressure. What am I a man for, if I cannot withstand pressure?

Are you saying some of the news including your recent photo sex was a setup?

Yes! The photo sex of a thing was a setup. I am not going to tell you that the mufasa (referring to manhood) you saw is mine because if I say it’s not mine you will say it’s mine. And if I say it’s mine, you will shout. Anybody that is curious should come to my house. Only ladies ooo.

What about your alleged romance with late Goldie, was it a setup?

Goldie was a very good friend, may her soul rest in peace, but nothing like romance. All you read about my romance with Goldie weren’t true. But we were just friends, very good friends. I tell you, the industry missed her, especially her style. She was Nigerian Lady Gaga.

Your brother, Peeshaun, is really loving Chidinma. Are you loving someone else?

Not that I am not loving anyone, I have too many ladies. To pick one is now a big problem. At times, the serious type that you love don’t come, they get scared because of the kind of job we do. So, I am still searching. In case you have one, let me know.



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