‘I’m eccentric, I don’t take myself serious,’ says DENRELE EDUN

From the NTA Network show, Kidivision 101 in 1995 through to Africa’s music and lifestyle channel, Channel O, Denrele Olufemi Edun, this funky, unpredictable young man recently had an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s TOSIN ODUMOSU, where he told us exactly what his relationship with Charly Boy is and also his achievements so far…
Where exactly is Denrele working now?

This has to be the creamiest caramelled question ever. I am currently a Channel O ambassador, concept developer and On-Air Personality (OAP) for Africa’s music and lifestyle channel, Channel O. I clinched the job in august last year after screen-testing for the brand on Children’s Day, May 27, 2011. I remember that day vividly because I was booked for a lot of gigs in Lagos and in my haste to meet up and not miss out on the pay cheques, I got series of calls from everyone I knew affiliated to the Mnet Multi-choice platform. I was actually the last person to audition, the board room was like a scene out of the celebrity apprentice and I flunked my lines big time.

But what won the stern faces over was my spontaneity, my ability to think out of the box and maybe crack up everyone in the room. I was myself in and out, scattered, disorganized but made great sense out of my visual nonsense.

Channel O is my work, my life, as I would say, your job is what you can be fired from but your work is what you live for. Your job is what you’re trained to do, but your work is what you are gifted in. your job puts food on the table but your work feeds a generation.

What do you miss most about Soundcity?

Soundcity was no doubt an amazing mileage for me. I miss those last minute gigs where I would be called up ten minutes to an event and told to go report for the channel, artistes bugging my phones on lack of airplay for their musical videos, sleepless nights at the studio, I practically moved into the office and was staying there. Moments where I would know next to nothing about an event and would still ride high on apt coverage that would make Ryan Seacrest go green with envy, endless production meetings, production madness that will make me grind my teeth on edge, I miss everything – the office, my desk space, diligent but sometimes frustrating crew. The frequent trips to buy food late at night, crazy pranks I used to play on my colleagues, juicy interviews, endless trips out of the country. I could go on and on, but that’s a phase of my life that I bid farewell to. Great memories but we have to move on.

Any regrets about leaving Soundcity?

Even if today feels like a nightmare, I don’t allow it to hinder me from dreaming again tomorrow. I did not leave Soundcity, I was ousted out for over exposure. Now that was a trip, I had to resign as the company decided I was too over-exposed and over-utilized for their brand. That’s what I heard anyway from a reliable source and this was decided upon by people who just joined the company, people who weren’t with the brand from the very start.

It still remains a mystery to me but as they say, the human nature is too complex to understand. I was a little worried at first, pondering on what direction to tread. The decision to leave Soundcity was not my idea at first, it never even crossed my mind but a series of shocking events and decisions taken by the company regarding my matter made me question my unequalled loyalty to the brand. Life is too short to have any regrets, I held my head high, kicked all regrets to the side, kept up my hustle and MNET just snatched me up. I have been through the storm, had dirt on my name, I am still holding on, champion of the game.

What gingers you to always dress crazy?

Fashion is in the clothes, but style is in the wearer the best of all, fashion unites us but my style sets me apart. I don’t take myself seriously, I am street, razz, ghetto, punk rock, eccentric, couture, you name it. My size zero body simply embraces every look. I am class and trash, a fashion hit and miss, tasteless and tasteful and a walking Halloween ceremony but do I give a flying rocket? Mi oran iya anybody. I wear what I wear because I want to and the final appraisal in my mirror tells me that I am the sexiest kickass fashion-forward freak who will forever stop traffic in unwearable rags.

In a nutshell, it’s an eclectic sense of style blessed with madcap spunk, a doze of edgy eccentricity and finished up with unequalled, unparallel, unrivalled attitude. I ginger myself o! Set my own philosophies and follow my own guiding principles especially when it comes to fashion and I am not a Lady Gaga wannabe, I have started this craze work since 2001 and when did Lady Gaga even start singing.

How do you cope with wearing high shoes?

Make I shine small for here, I hosted the Nigerian Independence show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sometime in late 2010 and while shopping I was first approached by a Persian photographer who found my overall appearance intriguing and took endless shots of me outside the mall. That same day, I was also approached to be one fashion models for the I-sock fashion extravaganza that was taking place at the Times Square mall in Berjaya that weekend. I got a standing ovation for strutting on 18-inch boots and I got tagged Rockfreak of the Runway.

Fashion is major pain. I have twisted my ankle a couple of times in my uncomfortable shoes but I will brave the odds and just act like am gliding an ice. My shoes can be extremely heavy. I dance on those shoes, I split in it, but when I get home I get a foot massage.

What’s your relationship with Karen Igho?

Karen! My Agbonma for life. I want to categorically state that I did not make Karen Igho who she is today. She did so herself and I was just part of her success story. Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package. Karen just needed that light at the end of the tunnel and God just made me an instrument into brightening that light.

She has worked so hard to get to this level, I mean she stayed in the Big Brother Africa Amplified house for 91 days. She is a really close friend, I got her back any day, any time. I met her in 2007 and we have been through a lot. The things we have both gone through ehn! I should say of all my friends, Karen is the most headstrong and troublesome. Karen Igho, superwoman meets rock star. I love her to bits.

A lot of people misrepresent your love life, tell me who exactly the lucky woman is?

I am single, searching, not married and ready to mingle (laughs). I am in a relationship though, with someone special, someone who actually understands, tolerate and preservers with the complex entity that I am, someone I love to bit, that person is Denrele Olufemi Adeyemi Edun.

People alleged that Denrele and Charly Boy are gay partners, what exactly is going on between you guys?

I admire and respect Charly Boy a great deal for his relevance and consistency in the industry. He is just amazing personality with shock value that never runs down. We represent similar personalities but from different generations. I know where you are headed but if I was entangled in a some-what romantic relationship with Charly Boy, his children and wife would have beaten me, torn all my clothes and clap on my head at any event or road. I am not dating uncle Charly Boy o!




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