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I’m Jack of all trades,  says Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim

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Delectable Ghanaian actress has come to stay in the movie industry. Aside accomplishing a lot in Ghollywood, she has also pitched her tent comfortably in Nollywood with juicy roles and deals coming her way. No doubt, the actress is well endowed both intellectually and in physical appearance.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her on life at 30, Nollywood and more…


The first quarter of the year has ended already, what are your plans for the remaining part of the year?

My new TV series, Every Woman Has A Story, where I debuted my directorial skills would start airing soon. Then a new reality series: The Personal Assistant (TPA) is in the pipeline and many more projects which we will be unfolding as time goes on.

Did you set targets for the first quarter and were you able to meet up with them?

I overshot my target. I had an amazing first quarter. The year started on a good note and I am still basking in it.

What are you currently working on?

A new reality series; The Personal Assistant (TPA). I will be shooting the Season 2 of my TV series, Every Woman Has A Story. Then an all-star soccer match for charity featuring Nigerian and Ghanaian female celebrities will be coming up in May in Ghana.

You have been in Nigeria for a while now, are you looking at settling here or are you going back to your home country?

I shuttle both places. Sometimes, I just breeze in for work, spend a couple of days and go back to my base. I have plans of bringing the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation as well as some other businesses I run to Nigeria, so that will bring me more to Nigeria.

What drew you to Nigeria in the first place?

Nigerians welcomed me into their industry with open arms without caring about my nationality, so Nigeria is my second home.

Who are the Nigerian actors you haven’t worked with and you will like to work with?

I would say Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Richard Mofe-Damijo and Aki and Paw Paw.

1-IMG_9773We know you are a woman of many talents aside music, acting and hosting events what else do you do?

I am a good writer. I am a great director. I used to be a talented dancer and I can still dance. I can make hair and nails and I am good at massages too. I am a wonderful cook. I am a Jack of all trade and master of all.

You celebrated your 30th birthday a couple of weeks back, how is life at 30?

Life at 30 is awesome. It is not that different from life in the 20s. It is still the same me, just a wiser and older version.

What is the greatest lesson life has taught you at 30?

I recently clocked 30. I am still adjusting.

Any regrets at this age?

People who know me know that regrets have no place in my life. I don’t let my past define me. So, I don’t have regrets. If I fail at something, I move on and believe it is just a lesson and an eye-opener to guide me to do it better the next time.

Are you in a relationship that could lead to marriage?

I am in a relationship with my work for now.

When are you looking at remarrying?

Do people actually set dates and timeline to when they are to remarry? Guess I am living in the stone age. I believe marriage comes when you meet the right man, and you and the right man are willing to go down that path hence. Till then I don’t have deadlines. I am certainly not in a rush.



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