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‘I’m not a commercial producer’ – Selebobo


Made Men Music group’s prolific producer, composer and recording artiste, Selebobo needs no introduction with his multiple – award winning productions having made him one of the most sought after producers in Nigeria.
The ‘selfie’ crooner, who has hot songs like Flavour’s Ada Ada as well as Yemi Alade’s Johnny to his credit in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly bared his mind on his crafts, his parents’ influence on his career and much more.

There are rumors in the industry that Triple MG signed you as a direct competition to Flavour, what’s your take on that?
I don’t know why people say that. If you look at the music I do and the music Flavour does, you’ll see that they are two different worlds apart. Flavour does pure highlife, modern highlife and that’s it. I’m not saying he is not versatile though. As for me, my music is rooted in Afro beat and Caribbean sound. The only similarity is that I sing in Igbo and he does too but we sing differently.
You had to relocate fully to Lagos to do your thing like many others, why do artistes outside Lagos feel they have to relocate to Lagos?
Every music industry, especially in Africa has a centre where things happen and for Nigeria, Lagos it is. Just like New York is to America.
Which do you do better, music production or singing?
I think they both work hand in hand because I started producing songs for myself as an artiste, it’s not as if I started producing other people. I grew up doing both.
Before you relocated to Lagos, several artistes used to come to Enugu just to work with you, now that you’re here, you’ll get more artistes queueing to work with you, won’t that affect your work for yourself and Triple MG?
First, I have to clear the air on this. I am not a commercial producer. I produce for myself and I do for whoever I decide to do for too. I make music, I compose songs, the whole package so, I’m not out there looking for people to produce. I work with people. I connect with.
You work a lot with Yemi Alade for example, what’s the connection?
We’re cool. We met through a lady, Rebecca, my UK promoter. She runs the same promotional package for both of us so, she kind of insisted that YemiAlade should work with me so, she flew down to Enugu and we made Johnny.
Talking about Enugu, what’s the entertainment scene like over there?
I think Enugu is the base of the East when it comes to entertainment. Almost all the artistes who come from the East are from Enugu and this is because the city is well exposed to technology, anything that’s happening in Lagos, Enugu people get it almost instantly. When it comes to media presence, Enugu has got it. If you come to Enugu, you’ll be surprised at the immense talents they have there.
You say you were born into a music family, tell us a little about your parents music side?
My dad is a multi-instrumentalist, he plays all instruments. His name is Goddy Oku while my mom sings in the church so, when I say I was born into music, I’m speaking the truth.
What’s new with Selebobo?
My video for Selfie is doing good, directed by Mattmax. I would just say watch my space, what you see is what you get.
You weren’t wearing a tattoo before you relocated to Lagos but you are wearing tattoos now, is it your way of following Iyanya’s footsteps?
I’ve always wanted to have a tattoo and I felt it was the right time. Iyanya is not the only person that has tattoos.

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