Ine Aju

Ine Aju

Ine Aju otherwise called “Miss Independent”, is a multi talented female singer, song writer, model and actress from Cross River State. She holds a diploma in Law from Benue State University and she’s presently studying Political Science at the National Open University. The sexy pop star just dropped the video of her new smash hit single entitled, No Forming, shot by Unlimited L.A.
She made her debut two years back with the smash hit single, entitled Sexy and Naughty featuring Restless. She is signed to Coal City Entertainment led by Don Ken, and recently spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly.

How did you start out with music?
I started music professionally at 18. That was the first time I ever recorded a song. I started with acting, then I did a couple of movies in my teenage years and I knew I could sing, but I thought of growing big and famous in the movie industry before coming back to music.
At some point it was a bit difficult for me in the movie industry, because sexual harassment was a norm and I wasn’t getting the big roles I wanted. So, I decided to return to my first love which was music. At some point I’ll go back into acting. (smiles).
What new materials are you working on?
I’m recording more songs, because I’ve been spending more time in the studio lately. But for now, it’s all about my new song and video that I just released. At this time, we are doing everything right. I recall we didn’t get the maximum impact from my first single because we didn’t push it hard enough, but I’ve learnt from my mistakes. We won’t make the such mistake again.
So, how would you describe your kind of music?
I do good music, and it can’t really be boxed into a particular genre. I do dancehall, hip hop, R & B. I do music depending on what I feel and the kind of message I want to pass across. What really inspire my writing are the kind of stories I hear. My own story also inspires me.
What stands you out as an artiste?
As an artiste, am unique, my lyrics are on point, educational and inspirational too, and the beat also makes you want to dance. If you listen to me, you’ll surely get inspired.

Ine Aju

Ine Aju

Looking at the other female artistes, do you feel threatened?
I’m not in any kind of competition with anybody, I’m here do to what I love and what I can do. I absolutely believe in myself and what I do. So, to answer your question, I don’t see them as a threat in anyway. Tiwa Savage is good, Seyi Shay is good too, and we’ll possibly work together.
If you decide to leave music today, what else would you do?
I’ve not really given it a thought, but the truth is, I don’t see anything else I can do apart from being in the entertainment industry. I’m a model, an actress and presenter, so I’ll always find my way in the industry.
What challenges have you faced as a musician?
The first is financial challenge. If you don’t have money, you can’t go into music, because it needs a lot of money and you need support. When I started and didn’t have any form of support, it was really difficult to get studio money, especially in my own case where my parents were not in support at the initial stage, but I kept pushing on my own and today they all support me.




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