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‘I’m not in any relationship’ –Gabriel Afolayan

Good-looking actor, Gabriel Afolayan is rising gradually both in the movie and music industry. He has been churning out good movies and music, and ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about his career and much more…

What goals did you set out to achieve this year and how far have you gone?

To get better, expand, make right decisions about what I am doing and going towards the right path. I have gone a long way in fulfilling them, though, we still have a lot ahead of us. I believe it is a step at a time.

What about your music career, what should we look out for this year?

Beautiful music. I am all about good music. Even if it is commercial, it has to be good enough for the ear. I have a couple of songs out there. I have like eight songs already. The only thing that we have to do is to shoot more videos. I see it as the only promotional material that is vibrant and tenable. We are working on it. I also have three or four films that will be dropping this year.

Between music and movie which is your favourite?

It is the same attention I put towards both. I cannot say I love one more than the other.

I can’t just pick one because the passion I have for acting is the same I have for music. This is for those that think I want to quit acting for music; no, there is nothing like that. Acting is forever with me; music is an added trait. It’s more of a case of an actor who doesn’t want to sit down and stay idle when he’s not on set, and goes to the studio so that things can keep happening. That’s what’s up!

How do you juggle the two?

We have been able to do that. I know what I want to do clearly with music, it is an additional business kind of. Everybody knows me as an actor. We have everything properly scheduled. Once I am not on location filming, it means I am in the studio recording. Once I am not working, I am doing shows.

You are looking finer and fresher, what is the secret?

The secret of good life is live happy, despite anything, work it round work it out. You owe yourself that, nobody is going to give it to you. It must come from you before you give it to any other person.

There must be a lady behind the happiness?

For now, I am all by myself, I am facing my work for now.

How do you keep the desperate ones abay?

It is about respect and knowing how to handle them. I know how to handle them.




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