‘I’m now single, searching for a new wife’ – TAYE CURRENCY

Ibadan (Oyo) based fuji star, Taye Akande Adebisi, prominently known as Taye Currency has many issues bedeviling his mind right now. They include his multi-million naira edifice under construction in Oluyole Ibadan, his planned overseas music tour to a fresh album which in few months would hit the air waves.

But Taye Currency, in an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Dayo Rufai on Saturday, November 7, 2015, at his office in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, said it is high time he went for a new wife after his first marriage packed up few months back and more.


What has been happening to you lately, Alhaji, how is life?

(Laugh) To God be the glory, Taye Akande Adebisi Currency and Apesin of Fuji Kingdom is doing very fine. We have kept the tempo up as one of the leading fuji artistes in Nigeria and by extension we are still relevant in the industry. We are engaged in shows regularly even during the week let alone weekends. So, I want to believe, you gentlemen of the press are aware of this.

What has been your recent development?

Alhamdulillah, may the name of Allah be praised, my brother. Sometimes I feel like weeping, looking at my past and my present with some of my achievements. On yearly basis, I always pray to God to give me reasons to praise Him and He has never failed me.

First, this year, I started another multimillion naira mansion project where we are now, and as you can see it’s near completion. I stand to be corrected, no Ibadan fuji artiste can boast of this. Second, my fist son graduated from Alhikmah University, Ilorin and he is presently doing his youth service at a community in Sokoto. Two of my other girls (children) have been admitted into higher institutions.

This time last year, I got a brand new Toyota Venza. Just last week, I took delivery of another new Mercedes Benz C300 4matic version. I have used virtually all brands of cars, that is why I settled for Benz this time just to be different from my colleagues that are fond of jeeps. I belong to the group of classical artistes around the world.

But you have no wife!

Yes, I am only taking my time to settle for another person after the mother of my children stepped aside for reasons best known to her. I am single now and searching for a new wife. You need the wisdom of God to do this, not a friend, mother or anybody’s wisdom except Him alone.

What is your recent international experience this year?

I have been to some countries this year in Europe but the most recent was our September show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I went with my band men and we had a fantastic show. People travelled from far and near, the Nigerian community hosted us to a warm reception.

We are planning a show in South Africa in a couple of weeks. We hope to be in Germany, United States of America by God’s grace. The Nigerian community and our fans are desperately expecting us in all these countries.

What is the latest on your album, it has been a while you released an album?

Yes, you are right, I am not a musician who churns out records quarterly or frequently, especially if my latest album is selling. Our fans know that my music must be culturally rich, morally educative and entertaining too.

It is another way of putting yourself to test, it has been a while I released a record and we are still relevant. We do shows across the states of the federation including Kano, Warri, Port Harcourt, and the rest. It is the Lord’s doing not me o!

What is your success secret in the music industry?

It is God because I move closer to Him day by day. Look, I may be in the fuji industry but life has taught me how to behave and do good always. Second, I try to redefine fuji in my domain. I moved fuji from the stage of hooliganism to a modest stage. Gone the days that intellectuals do not come to our parties. I have played for governors, senators, corporate bodies. I have a lot of corporate shows every year. I thank God because my humility has paved way for me. I remain the only successful fuji artiste who lives in his home town.

What makes you different from other fuji artistes?

I don’t do drugs. I remain committed to my life, remained corporate in my dressing, humble, diligent and focused and I don’t move with thugs.

Some people believe you are a card carrying member of a political party?

No! I don’t belong to any political party at all. I belong to everybody and I am only doing my professional job as an artiste that has many followers. I am not boasting, artistes that have same followers in this part of the country are very few, so it attracts many things.

How do you manage your fans, especially the female ones?

I respect all my fans so much; they are my friends, I relate with them as such. I am a responsible man that believes in one man one woman. I never wanted to marry two wives and I do not wish it for anyone. But if circumstance gives you no option, good luck. I do not womanize. People have to change their perception about some of us in the fuji industry. I move with intellectuals. I have an entertainment outfit that packages me for shows in collaboration with top hip-hop artistes like Oritsefemi, Olamide and so on.

What is your advice for the young ones?

Everybody has his own potentials, so I advise all up and coming fuji artistes first, to be focused, humble and hardworking. Today’s servant shall be a master tomorrow and they should all make education a priority. To all youth, they should not wait for what the society will do for them rather they should be creative and try their hands on anything that can make their ends meet. Our leaders must take serious caution on our youth too because a hungry man is an angry man.

How do you relax?

I sleep, go to gym or jog here at Liberty Stadium and hangout with my friends. I love people being around me a lot and of courses check my kids at schools to know there level of performance.


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