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The ideal man is an illusion, says Fragrance

Fragrance Tsema Kayoh came into the music scene smoking with her debut album, So Lovely. The beautiful and amiable singer has now veered into acting.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Fragrance made it point blank that she is in love with Nigerian female artistes for their resilience and doggedness in the midst of hostilities in a male dominated industry… 

What are you working on now?

I am working on a new single, at the same time featuring in a movie series. I find myself doing that a lot these days.

It’s been a while we heard from you musically, what informed it?

I actually took a break from music for personal reasons and also doing movies. That tends to take a lot of attention too.

Is it true that you have joined the movie industry?

Yes, I have, and it’s quite interesting because I am loving every bit of it.

What are the pains and gains?

It’s entertainment. You always get some challenges here and there, but nothing that has not been seen before. The key thing is that gains always wipe off the pains.

Would it be right to say that the emerging female acts have affected you?

Not at all. I love the fact that Nigerians are beginning to accept female artistes. When I started back in 2007, you always hear discouraging comments, and I must confess, I am proud of what is going on with female acts.

Which record label are you on?

Right now, I don’t belong to any record label. I am still searching for a good one that is ready to work and will believe in my talent more than I believe in me.

Why has it been difficult for you to release another hit single?

It’s not been difficult. Like I said, I took a break for personal reasons but I am working on a new single now.

Who among the female artistes do you appreciate most?

I don’t envy anyone. I appreciate them all. I even share their songs I like. Female artistes in Nigeria right now are doing so well. And I am proud of them.

Are you in any relationship?

Yes, I am.

What are the qualities you are looking for in your ideal man?

My dear, when this thing called love hits you, all this ideal man story you go forget am oo.

What makes you so hot?

Am I? I have not noticed that. Na God, I guess.

What’s the most precious part of your body?

I really don’t have one part of my body that I call precious. I have learnt over the years to appreciate me for me. So, I guess every part of me is precious to me.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Fragrance Tsema Kayoh, I am from Delta State. I am Itsekiri, a singer and an actress. I’ve been in the entertainment scene for quite a while now but I started acting not too long ago. I have some movies to my credit already.

I have released an album entitled, So Lovely that gave me a lot of mileage. I am not married.


Interview was first published on March 3, 2014

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