Immigration Services begins massive issuance of passport

Nigerians have started applauding the massive issuance of passport by
the immigration services after a short period of scarcity. The agency has started massive issuance of passports to prospective travellers to make up for the period of unavailability. This move received applause from the generality of Nigerians. sampled the opinion of Nigerians on the new development
and below are their response…
Balogun  Basit
It is a good thing. It’s a positive things  but it will be good  if government can also work on other stuff like that.
Uthman Mariam
It doesn’t affect the price of fish in the market. Not everyone likes to travel, but it is good work. I like that.
Obas Emmanuel
The only thing I can say about it is that the money has reduced, the stress is now reduced unlike before. I would applaud the government for that because they are trying to make things easier for us.
Alade Joke
This is a good thing indeed, it will help us get our passport anytime we want and cheaper, but it will be good if government can also work on other sectors, it should not stop on that only. Kudos to them.
Kareem Rukayat
It’s a wonderful move by immigrations. At least, more than enough people will have the opportunity of acquiring an international and at a very cheap rate too. Something that even those that had the money didn’t get it even after going through a lot of stress. It’s a good one, if only it will work out.
Olushola Bukola
It’s good. At least it will save people the stress they go through while trying to get an international passport. I urge the government to continue this way. This kind of thing should not just end abruptly.
People won’t stop travelling out of the country, so this should not have continue.
Durowoju Teslim
My take is that the government is progressing. But I will also appeal to the government to look inward. This step will only encourage Nigerians to travel out of the country more and that is of no benefit to us. We should try and build our country too, and before you know it, we won’t even need to travel out of the country to be okay.
Bello Shakirat
It’s okay, but I still want them to reduce the price more. If the price is reduced, it will be more accessible. And also, the accessibility should not be based on connection alone, the masses should be allowed to obtain it without going through too much stress.
Idayat Adaranijo
The development only shows that the government has a lot to work on.
Why on earth do we have to bring all our things from abroad? Because I heard the papers are being printed in Malaysia. We should try and improve, the agency went off for months preventing people from getting
passports all in the name of no papers. We are glad they are back to work though, but something has to be done fast.
– Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi for

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