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INCREDIBLE! ‘I don’t read newspapers,’ says Kedike crooner, CHIDINMA

SINCE her emergence as the winner of the third edition of MTN Project Fame 2011, Chidinma Ekile has granted countless newspapers interviews, but to our amazement, the Kedike crooner told ENCOMIUM Weekly she doesn’t read newspapers, whether the stories are good or bad.
The KORA award winning singer dropped the bombshell in a chat with us on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, at Black House Media, Community Road, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Hello, Chidinma, we’re from ENCOMIUM Weekly.
Nothing! ENCOMIUM (she smiled).
What’s your impression about ENCOMIUM?
I don’t read newspapers. Whether you write a good or bad story about me, I don’t read. However, my friends would only call to tell me what you guys (media) have written about me. So, I don’t really have any impression about ENCOMIUM.
Why don’t you read newspapers?
Nothing, just don’t feel like or perhaps because I am always busy. No time to buy or read.
Maybe you get websites of some of the interesting newspapers and read online. That’s better than not reading at all (our advice to Chidinma).
Okay, thanks.
So, let’s go to the interview proper. Being your first experience with Hennessy Artistry, how does it feel?
I can’t really quantify it. It’s actually a big lesson for me. When I saw my name, I was delighted to be a part of it and I enjoyed every bit of it. The club rounds and all. It’s been hectic and has also been fun. In a way, you’re promoting your songs and it’s a great privilege to be part of it.
Do you think your inclusion as a lady could have been based on sentiments to have a lady or two there this time around?
No, it’s not based on sentiments. It is based on my works, my songs and on merit alone. Like I said, it is actually a privilege to be part of it. It’s just that they like what I do and brought me on board.
So, what’s your impression about the brand and your experience?
First, it is Hennessy and it’s a great brand. Nobody can dispute that. It’s been a wonderful experience. Everybody wants to associate with a brand like Hennessy and everybody wants to work with you as an artiste.
Tell us about the pains and gains of being a celebrity?
Of course, there’s been pains and gains but the joy of a business is doing what you love to do and getting paid for it. The pain is having to be on the road every time. No time for any other thing and all.
How do you combine school and music?
It was supposed to happen before I hit limelight but music took it away. Now, I think it is the time for me. I get busier by the day and the more I get busy the more I don’t have time for my education, but I’m coping.
But is it compulsory to go to school? After all, there are several artistes that dropped out of school and are doing well?
Education is of great value. It might not be compulsory but it is really necessary. It is not just about music, it involves managing your music as a business and you have to be educated to do that successfully.
What are the defining moments in your life since you won Project Fame?
I think everything happened in a rush and I give glory to God for my level of understanding because it hasn’t been so easy to have done so much in a short period. A lot has happened but the moments I won’t forget were when I won Project Fame and the KORA award. I give glory to God for the life that He has given me.
How did you react when bloggers circulated a supposedly nude picture of you?
That was really shocking. I didn’t allow it to get to me but I just had to clear the air so that people who don’t know won’t start having bad impression about me. It meant nothing to me because it was not true.
Did it make you realize that some people are waiting for you to do something scandalous?
Yes, I do. Considering the way they jumped on it. I’ll keep working hard and I won’t be bothered by them.

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