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Indian hemp smokers likely to commit crime, new study claims

A new study has revealed that cannabis users (Indian hemp smokers) are liable to commit violent crimes than those who do not smoke it. The study was done by five researchers from institutes based in Montreal, Canada. The researchers did the evaluation by monitoring violent incidents on the lives of 1,136 American psychiatric patients which included assaults, attacks with weapons and rapes.

The records were collected from interviews done every ten weeks for a period of one year after the discharge of the patients. It revealed that patients who were using cannabis at each of the five checks were almost two-and-a-half times more likely to have turned to violence than those who had not.

The research revealed that there was a ‘More constant relationship’ between cannabis and violence than between alcohol or cocaine use and violence. That the link between cannabis and violence was not a two-way but ‘uni-directional’. The study further refutes the claim that violent people were drawn to use cannabis, rather, ‘it was cannabis use that predicted future violent behaviour’.

This is the first study to demonstrate that cannabis is not only linked with violent crime but is the cause.

The study came just after a several American states have decriminalized cannabis – despite it being stronger and more potent than the hash smoked by hippies in the Sixties – or made it available for medical use.

The following are some confirmed cases of violence resulting from smoking of cannabis.


Nicholas Salvador, 25

A cage fighter, he was detained indefinitely at Broadmoor for beheading an elderly woman with a machete on a rampage through gardens in North London in 2015.

He was a heavy user of skunk cannabis and thought his victim was Adolf Hitler or a demon in the form of an old lady.


Matthew Graham, 29

The office worker was detained after stabbing a prostitute in the neck with a seven-inch knife in Rochdale in 2015.

He struck her with such ferocity that the handle snapped off while the blade remained lodged in her neck. The court was told he was a schizophrenic whose attack had been triggered by his use of cannabis.


Nicola Edgington, 32

She was convicted of murder after stabbing a stranger Sally Hodkin, 58, in the street with a 12-inch butcher’s knife in 2013.

Edgington had been in detention for killing her mother but had been freed. Before the stabbing, she had told a psychiatric nurse she had stopped taking her medication and had used skunk cannabis.


– Azeezat Kareem




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