Inside Rev. Chris Kwakpovwe’s N1bn Our Daily Manna Ministry

Our Daily Manna, authored by Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe-led Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry is arguably the best selling devotional booklet in Nigeria.

With an average of 500,000 copies quarterly, it nets in an average of N100 million sold at N200 per copy. It has its tentacles spread across the country and beyond.

The fiery preacher started the ministry when he claimed he encountered God during his attempt to commit suicide in Ketu area of Lagos in 2001. It was the darkest period of his life after being abandoned for about eight years. He felt betrayed. He was down financially and became an emotional wreck. He struggled with it for the first three years until he began to break through.

Even before he succeeded with the project, he had been in serious debt, pain and penury. This led him to attempt suicide. It was in the process that he heard a voice telling him that he had an assignment to accomplish for the Lord. The voice told him about the need for him to start publishing Our Daily Manna. He promptly obeyed and went into the project in 2001 with his delectable wife. They both produced 50 copies – 25 to be given out as complimentary and 25 to be sold.

It was difficult and quite challenging initially. He struggled with it for the first three years until he began to breakthrough. Even before he succeeded with the project, he had been in serious debt, pain and penury.

The ODM comes out once in three months. However, between 2004 and 2005, sales picked up and the project began to yield better resources. Today, the ministry is reportedly worth over N1 billion. The success of ODM attracted envy against him.

The booklet which is the backbone of the ministry comes in many languages within and outside Nigeria. Sold for N200, it also has a prayer book tagged War Against Hanan which his followers can’t do without. Both booklets come in handy.

The audio CDs and DVD of the ministry also play a huge role in its success. All his weekly teachings and anointing services inside his ministries headquarters of Ogudu, Lagos are translated into CDs and DVDs which are in huge demand.

Also, he has published several other books such as There Shall be no loss, Paralyzing disappointment at the Edge of your breakthrough, Wasting the wasters of your destiny, Dealing with Satanic punishment, etc. These books have endeared so many people to his interdenominational ministry and have attracted huge income for the vibrant ministry.

From a few individuals in its first remote location 12 years ago, Rev. Chris-led ministry has snowballed into a global phenomenon with a N150 million cathedral headquarters at The Manna Prayer Mountain Ministry, Orioke, Ogudu, Lagos.

Every Sunday, several thousands of worshippers flock his prophetic two services. With strong prophetic messages, prayer points and miracles, the headquarters is over flooded with worshippers. Even the overflow on the street could not stop the inflow.

Thus, a multi-million naira cathedral was dedicated in 2012. ENCOMIUM Weekly scooped that the success of the ministry lies in its ODM, tithes, offerings and donations from partners who believe in his mission.

So vibrant is his ministry that the annual anointing service is usually held at the National Stadium, Surulere or Tafawa Balewa Square, Surulere, Lagos. The service always experiences massive turn out of worshippers who troop in to experience his prophetic declarations. The event is worth N50 million.

It was reported that he built a multi-billion naira Manna Camp along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. When completed, it would serve as their venue for the anointing service. It comprises a huge cathedral, hostels, hospital, etc.

He is also the founder of the Dream Centre (Nigeria), a vision for widows, widowers, the emotionally bruised, ex-convict, etc. He is widely travelled and is a regular speaker, home and abroad.

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