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Inside the jaw-dropping wedding of Fela Kuti’s grand daughter (3): Parents speak

‘I feel very moved’-SARAH JACK, groom’s mother

DSC_0135How does it feel seeing your son get married?

I feel very moved because he is my only child. Even though it seems they come from different backgrounds they are very similar in nature.  Their background is cosmopolitan. They will always be as happy as they are now.

What is your advise for them?

To be happy, always look inward, do things they find meaningful. They should always forgive and they should not go for revenge.

What was your reaction when your son brought her to see you?

I didn’t think otherwise. I didn’t do it the traditional way. My parents wanted me to marry from my country but I married from Russia.

‘I wish them a successful marriage’ -OLUGBENGA SEGUN, bride’s uncle

DSC_0213How do you feel today?

I am very happy and excited

What is your advise for them?

They have shown that they love each other. They should continue to keep it up. I wish them a successful marriage.

Do you have any prayer for them?

I pray they will be prosperous and happy all the days of their lives. I pray they will have children.

‘I am so joyful’ -MS. YEMISI RANSOME KUTI

DSC_0220How do you feel today?

It is always overwhelming when someone close to you is doing something that is very important to them.

This day will shape so many things, her happiness, the rest of their lives. It is overwhelming. I am so joyful that she has found someone she loves.

What is your advise for them?

I will advise them to be friends. Respect, understanding, being ready to tolerate each other are the things that keep relationship. They should ensure that is permanent in their relationship.

Do you have any prayer for them?

It is about the two of them. I pray they continue to respect and love each other.

‘She will find happiness’-YENI KUTI, bride’s mother

DSC_0215Congrats ma.

Thank you.

How do you feel today?

I am very happy.

What was your reaction when Rolari brought her husband-to-be to see you?

I was happy for her. I am not a racist, my brother, Femi is also not a racist. She will find happiness wherever she goes, Nigeria, Jamaica, anywhere in the world.

What advise do you have for the couple?

They should be happy with each other and communicate with each other. They should not tell their problems to outsiders, they should discuss their problems inside.

Your prayer for them?

I pray they find happiness and continuous love in each other.



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